In memory of

To a little fighter

Your life was too short, but we did what we could.  You were a little fighter and we really thought you were going to make it. You had made such good progress!  But this world must have been too hard for you and you left us tonight.

Rest in peace sweetheart; I will always think of you when I pick my May flowers xxx

The little smallie of the new-borns left us on Tuesday evening.  It happened without a warning.  He suddenly became all lethargic and his mouth turned white in a few minutes.  Maggie tried everything she could, but without success.  We knew that it could happen, but it always comes as a shock.  We actually didn’t think he would survive his first night, but he did and he had grown stronger.  Even though he passed away so young, I still think of him as a little fighter.

I asked Maggie if we could bury him under the Lily of the Valley in my garden.  It is one of my favourite flowers, a flower that blossom in May.  I brought it back from France and it has grown stronger in the past few years, so I think that in a way this little smallie will keep fighting.