A few thoughts about CCN – by Mary W

To mark our 7th birthday, we have asked our volunteers to share a few thoughts about their experience with CCN.

Mary, our TNR coordinator in North Cork remembers how she started volunteering with the organisation in 2016.

“My journey with CCN began back in 2016. The first day of a new job, I was brought out the back by staff and introduced to mama cat and her kittens. It didn’t take much time before I realised there were quite a few other cats around too! I contacted a few organisations for help but it was CCN that came to our aid. I had done quite a bit of rescue work up to that point and was eager to continue, so our trapping session of work cats turned into a training session and I have been trapping for CCN in the Clonmel area ever since.

I had never worked solely with feral cats before, I had fed them, knew to be very careful with them and give them a wide berth but that was about it! My first solo trapping was a baptism of fire when a small colony of cats in the centre of town gave me the run around in freezing temperatures for a solid week. I got them, eventually, and learned that feral cats are some of the cleverest, quickest and most admirable of creatures I had ever come across. Over 200 cats later and I’m still learning!

Helping feral cats is different from any of the previous work I’ve done with rescue animals before. These animals are invisible to most, they hide in dark corners, they keep their suffering to themselves, they trust very few and have known nothing but hardship. For each single cat I trap I know I’ve just changed that cat’s life forever. For every cat I release I know its chances of a healthier life have increased immeasurably because someone cared enough to pick up the phone and ask for help. Of course, sometimes the call comes too late and the only kindness I can give is a merciful sleep. I’ve had my heart broken and cried as many tears over ferals as I have smiled and felt a rush of pride at releasing cats over the past 3 years. TNR is not easy on a personal level, it’s emotional, frustrating and physically draining at times but it’s not done for personal gain, it’s done for the cats. It’s done because these cats have been failed by people and deserve for someone to give up their time freely try make amends, and if a bit of time is all it takes to change a cats life forever then my time is truly well spent.”



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A few thoughts about CCN – by Jackie

To mark our 7th birthday, we have asked our volunteers to share a few thoughts about their experience with CCN.

Jackie, our TNR coordinator in North Cork remembers how she started volunteering with the organisation in 2016.

“The first day I came across CCN was a day of chaos, panic and desperation. For years I had been trying to help cats who found their way to me. I had recently started feeding the most frightened cat he would run and hide, but when I left food and watched from a distance he would come for it. Then, one day my mother in law, who lived next door, said that there was a cat running around with insides coming out. After looking out and finding that blood had dripped everywhere, the panic set in. I was convinced it was a female having complications giving birth. I sought advice on a rescue page; Emilie answered and told me calmly she would send help. We managed to catch the cat and put him in a box, and CCN brought him to the vet. That cat changed my life completely – his name is Sam and he is still here. That day he had a ruptured testicle, which was instantly fixed by having him neutered.
I was in awe, and asked if I fundraised would they come and help in Mitchelstown. They agreed, so off I went!

Then I got the chance to go on the first trapping in Mitchelstown and I was hooked. It was that incredible feeling you get when you release cats that got me. The rest is hard work, but that moment when you open the door is magic – the hope and love lights up your soul.

My next few projects were all close to home and work, in places where I had loved these cats. So I brought home my first foster cat, I failed miserably at rehoming him. I knew tnr was the way to go for me, but have since managed to rehome all the foster cats I have taken in, so that’s an improvement! As some of you already know, Baylor -my failed foster- has a tendency to bring home stray cats he finds. It’s as if he felt it earned him his keep! Only this morning, I heard a foreign meow and on investigation discovered Baylor with a new cat, so trap is out and ready! And after 3 yrs and over 350 cats, my heart will still pound like a bass drum in my chest when I am about to trap the cat.”


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CCN’s 7th Birthday Celebrations

On April 27th, Community Cats Network will celebrate 7 years of helping cats! We invite you all to join us on our Facebook page for the celebrations from April 20th to 29th.

There will be some fun & free competitions organised by our cat trappers with lovely prizes to be won. We will also share memories from these past 7 years and remember some of the 6,000 cats we have helped.

And don’t forget to support our birthday appeal raffle to raise funds to help more cats! Ticket are €2 each, €5 for 3 lines or €10 for 8 lines and can be bought here.

Thanks for your support!

Birthday Appeal Raffle

Bagpacking – Supervalu Mitchelstown – 9/05/2019

Community Cats Network are having their annual bagpacking day in Farrell’s Supervalu in Mitchelstown on May 9th.

We are looking for volunteers to help out for an hour or two. please text 089 4686055 if you can help; thanks!

All proceeds will go to neutering stray and feral cats in the town. Please support!


Online Auction at The Cat Purrse – April 2019

This month at The Cat Purrse, we are having an auction to raise funds for TNR in East Cork and West Waterford, where we have been doing ongoing work for the past few years.

The auction will start on April 4th at 6pm and close on April 15thl at 9pm sharp. Every day, we will be adding new items for your to bid on. To bid, simply comment under the photo. There are many jewellery pieces, as well as craft items and art, but also toiletry sets, bags, toys, etc, so check it out and share with your friends!

Note that all items will be posted and that postage will be at your own charge. All items must be paid by the end of the month.

Auction taster

CCN’s 7th Birthday Raffle – April 2019

On April 27th, Community Cats Network will celebrate their 7th birthday. 7 years in existence and over 6,000 cats helped no mean feast!

To mark the occasion and to thank you for your support, we will have some fun competitions on our Facebook page from April 20th to 28th.

You can also help us to celebrate and raise funds to help more cats by supporting our birthday appeal. Tickets for the raffle are €2 each, €5 for 3 or €10 for 8 and can be bought here.

Prizes are as follows:

  • 1st prize: Large Handknitted Cat
  • 2nd prize: Diptyque of two photo prints by Alan Tobin
  • 3rd prize: Cat drawing by Carol May Hardie
  • 4th prize: Cat gift bag
  • 5th prize: Crabtree & Evelyn Sensational Shower Gel Collection set
  • 6th prize: Max Benjamin candle
  • 7th prize: Bracelet
  • 8th prize: Surprise

The draw will take place on April 29th at 9pm and winners will be announced on Facebook.

Note that if collection cannot be arranged locally (East Cork), postage will be at your own charge.


Food Collection – Clonmel – 31st March 19

Raffle at The Cat Purrse – March 2019

For the month of March 2019, we are holding a raffle at The Cat Purrse in aid of Community Cats Network’s South Tipperary TNR fund. All proceeds will go to the neutering of stray and feral cats in the Clonmel area. To take part, it couldn’t be easier, just get your tickets here and we will email you your numbers. Tickets are €2 each, €5 for 3 tickets or €10 for 8 tickets.

The more tickets you buy, the more prizes will be added! We will put up a new prize for every 25 tickets sold! To view the prizes, visit The Cat Purrse page.

The draw will take place on the 31st of March and winners will be announced on the page and contacted via email. Note that if collection cannot be arranged locally (Clonmel), handling & postage will be at your own charge.

1st Prize: Photo Shoot kindly donated by Berit Alits Photography

2nd Prize: Newgrange Tea Light Holders

3rd Prize: Crazy Cat Lady Bundle

Discounted Cat Neutering Week; 11-15 March 2019

Neutering Week 11-15 March 2019

Community Cats Network, in partnership with Midleton Veterinary Hospital, have organised a neutering week. From the 11th to the 15th of March you can avail of a special rate for the neutering of your cat: €15 for a male and €25 for a female. The offer is limited to two cats per client/household.

Cat Multiplying Chart

The idea behind the scheme is to encourage pet owners to neuter their cat or strays they may be feeding. Cats can become pregnant as young as four months old and up to three times a year. The problem of cat overpopulation is partly caused by unneutered pet cats and, sadly, there are not enough homes for all the kittens being born. Not only neutering is an effective way to control the feline population, but it also significantly improves the health of the cats and helps to reduce the spread of diseases and lethal viruses such as FIV and FeLV.

Chip or Tip

All cats neutered through this scheme will be eartipped (the tip of the left ear will be slightly cut off while under anaesthetic). This is a standard practice used with feral cats to identify the neutering status of cats without having to bring them to the vet to undergo a 2nd unnecessary surgery. However, owners can decide to have their pet cat microchipped instead, but this cost will be at their own charge. We encourage early neutering and kittens from 10 weeks old can avail of this offer.

Early Neutering

If you have a larger number of cats or cannot handle the cats, please contact Community Cats Network. This volunteer-run charity carries out a programme of Trap-Neuter-Return and assist communities to neuter stray and feral cats at a discounted rate all year round.

Availability for the Neutering Week is limited and booking is necessary. Call Midleton Veterinary Hospital on 021 4623672 to reserve.

Fun Online Bingo – February 2019

Do you like to play Bingo? Would you like to play from the comfort of your home? If so, look no further and you will be supporting a good cause too!


For the month of February, we are running an online Bingo on our fundraising Facebook page, The Cat Purrse. All proceeds will go to the neutering of stray and feral cats in West Waterford.

To take part, it’s easy. Buy your card(s) online here (€2 per card or €10 for a sheet of 6 cards). We will email you a photo of your card, which you will need to print. Follow The Cat Purrse page where every day we will be announcing the drawn numbers from the 14th of February. Don’t worry if you missed one night you can catch up the following day by checking the photo album. We will be playing for a line, 2 lines and a full house. For more information, click here.

Here are the prizes you can choose from…

if you win a line


if you win two lines


if you win a full house


Note that postage will be at your charge if collection cannot be arranged locally (East Cork area).