Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)

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How do we carry out a Trap-Neuter-Return project?

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To help you (and us) to plan your TNR, download our TNR Planning Form: CCN TNR Planning Form_2015

Make sure you read our consent form: Consent form



7 replies on “Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR)”

I live in Ovens, I have neutered male cat. Since last May a beautiful male cat calls every day and both males howl and scream at each other while my cat is inside the window and the other male cat is outside. On the rare occasion that my cat ventures out he’s returned with injuries. My biggest problem is that the stray cat sprays all our window and doors so we’re now bringing the tomcat smell into the house. Can you suggest a method of deterring thes cat? Regards, Anne

Hi Amy,
Thanks for yor enquiry. Unfortunately, we cannot cover for the cost of neutering. However, we can have it done at a discounted rate with one of our partner vets and support in organising a fundraiser if necessary. Our own services are free and we will come to trap the cats, bring them to and from the vet and look after them while they recover. Maybe a few neighbours could get together to sponsor the cats to be neutered? It would be an investment as the kittens will soon be having kittens themselves (a female cat can become pregnant as young as four months old) and you will soon find yourself overun with cats and with many mouths to feed…
If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to email us at

Hi ccn. Im living in the fermoy area and currently have 6 wild cats living in the hedge in my back garden. Theres a mother cat, her 1 year old kitten from last years litter and her four 16-18 week old kittens. All the cats health isnt the best and i cannot afford vets bills and the cost to get them all neutered as im unemployed at the moment. I was wondering if theres anyway ye could help? Thanks. 🙂

A young male cat has taken sanctuary in our back garden – house in College Road Cork – we can’t keep it. No sign of owndership on it either. It seems to be lost/abandoned rather than feral and tries despeartely to get into th house. We do feed it every now and again but we can’t keep it for reasons I can’t go into here. Ellen from cat action trust is unfortunately unable to help us this time but she advised me to contact Emilie at this website to see if she could help.
Can you advise if you can help us to find a home for this cat
Many thanks

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