Lost and Found

Where to report a lost or found cat?

  • Take a photo of the cat and create a poster, which you should save as a photo file for easy distribution.
  • Contact the garda and hand them a poster.
  • Report the cat on the Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline, Irish Animals.ie and Lost and Found Pets Ireland.
  • Put posters everywhere in the local area and one at the back of your car.
  • Contact your local rescues (see links on the right tab) by email with a photo of the animal and details about him, attach a photo file of the poster so that it is easy for them to share on their website.
  • Contact local vets and email/hand them the poster.
  • Put ads in the local paper (Cork News, Evening Echo, etc).
  • Call the local radio (96 and 103 FM for Cork; you can also email Red FM: lostpets@redfm.ie) and ask them to put an appeal on air.  They might not be able to, but they are often very helpful.  You might also email them the poster to put on their Facebook page/website.
  • Put postings on the internet (in community groups such as All about…, on Boards.ie, on newspapers’ Facebook pages, etc.)

If you find a cat and believe it might be owned, follow these steps:

  • Take the cat to the nearest vet and ask them to check
    it for a microchip.  If he has been chipped he can be easily re-united with his owners.  Your vet can help and almost all vets and all reputable welfare groups will do this check for free.
  • Keep the cat in a safe place.  If you cannot keep him yourself, ask your friends if they could help.
  • Please, remember that most rescues are run by volunteers and already very busy.  They are willing to help as much as possible, but cannot be expected to carry all these steps for each animal reported to them.  Furthermore, they cannot be expected to take in all found animals as they are already caring for many animals.

If you have lost your cat, please follow these steps (note that cats sometimes wander and return after a while, so do not panic yet):

  • Search everywhere and keep calling him.  Walk around so you can hear if he responds.
  • Visit the local pound on a daily basis, give them a photo and ask them to be on the look-out.  You need to go there in person rather than ring.
  • Call in person to all the local vets in wide area, check to see if they were handed an injured cat because of an accident and leave a photo of him.
  • Contact the county council division looking after the roads in case they would have found an injured animal.
  • Call to all your neighbours and check to see if your cat could be accidentally locked into a shed/outhouse/barn, and check if any of your close neighbours have gone on holidays and he might have gotten locked in accidentally.  Talk to people and go to the places your pet usually visits.
  • Did people visit and could your cat have jumped into their car?
  • If you have local schools nearby, see the principal or school secretary, ask to put  his photo up and ask that the kids keep a look out for him.  Tell the kids there is a reward but do not say how much.
  • Speak to your local postman/woman, ask him to be on the lookout and offer him a bit of money or a present.  Postmen/women see far
    more than people think, give him a photo of the animal and your mobile number so that he can call you immediately.  If you
    have a local taxi driver nearby do the same thing.
  • Widen the net, cover a larger area and put up more posters.  Keep searching; he might be injured and not able to make it home.
    Check under bushes and hedges.  Keep calling his name.
  • Remember to notify all the organisations you have contacted and take off posters once your pet has returned.

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