Feral Cat Homes

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CCN’s feral cat homes are styrofoam boxes in which a hole the size of a cat has been cut.  They are not too big in order to keep the heat in, but can fit two cats.  Styrofoam helps to isolate the shelter from the cold and is more hygienic than wood or other materials, in which parasites may proliferate, as well as easier to disinfect.  We do not use boxes that have contained fish priorily as the scent would lead the cat to shred the box.

The boxes are covered with a dark rubbish bag and are thus weatherproof, as well as easy to camouflage in bushes.  They can then be filled with shredded paper or straw (not hay), which resists the wet.  We do prefer shredded paper as it is not only economical, but also less likely to host parasites.  We will provide you with a bag of shredded paper for each box you buy.

Our feral cat homes are available to buy for €8, or €15 for two.  We can deliver them to you in East Cork, West Cork and the city.  Delivery outside those areas may be possible, but will take longer as we will need to find a volunteer going your direction.  For more information, please email communitycatsnetwork@gmail.com.

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