Wish List

There are many ways to help us and donating or sponsoring the following would greatly help us.  You can email communitycatsnetwork@mail.com to arrange for collection.  Many thanks!

For fundraising:

  • Bric-a-brac for car boot sales.
  • Crafts to sell at our tables (we are open to all cat-themed creations, visit our online shop for inspiration).
  • Wool, ribbons, bells and other material we could use to make cat toys.  Anything you think our crafters could use.
  • Spot prizes for raffles or for auction.  These could be artistic or crafty pieces, gift vouchers or simply presents you do not want.  We especially like when they are cat-themed!
  • Light fold-up tables.
  • Bingo books, which can be ordered from our Amazon wish list.
  • Visit our Amazon fundraising wish list.

Card 007

For administration:

  • A4 paper
  • Envelopes
  • HP 21 & 22 ink cartridges
  • USB keys
  • External drive

For trapping:

  • Sponsor equipment: we get our traps and cages from MDC Exports and Metalcote.  Click on the link to Sponsor Equipment.
  • Plastic tool boxes.
  • Flash lamps.
  • Light blankets, tarpaulin, dark shower curtains, etc, to cover the cages.  If you are talented at sewing, we would love it if you could make covers for the cages (please, contact us for dimensions).
  • Bubble wrap to keep the ferals warm.
  • Cat food (especially tins of wet food) to feed the ferals during recovery.  You can order food directly from our Amazon Wish List.
  • Sardines in tomato sauce, tuna, etc.

For our foster cats:

  • Cat food
  • Stronghold or Advocate and Milbemax
  • Heatlamps and heat pads
  • Small plug-in radios
  • Baby blankets, fleeces
  • Toys
  • Leftovers of carpet and vynil to cover the bottom of cages
  • Folding dog cages


2 replies on “Wish List”

I have a sewing machine so could make covers for you or kitten beds, anything like that, Ill have a go! :))

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