Helping Hands


Becoming a helping hand is probably the easiest way to volunteer for Community Cats Network as it does not require a huge commitment. Yet, without helping hands we simply cannot do as much as we wish we could for the cats. Don’t just sit back thinking that someone else will do it, stand up and help out! The cats need you!

Please email and we will add you to our mailing list. You can also join our Facebook group for helping hands to keep updated.

Here are a few of the ways you can be a helping hand:

Stall Holders:

p1200799Throughout the year, and especially coming up to Christmas, we hold information stalls where we raise awareness about the work we do and sell merchandise to collect funds to help cats in needs. We are always looking for helpers at these stalls to cover shifts of 1 to 3 hours. You might even have a cat keeping you company!

Car Boot Sales:

13-05-26-cbs-rathcormacWe have a large stock of items to sell at car boot sale, but only one volunteer to do them. We are thus looking for people to either help out our CBS person or to hold car boot sales for us. It is not difficult, can be quite enjoyable and will raise funds to help cats!


16-09-08-fermoy-sc-aThe success of street collections depends on the number of collectors we have. To make the most of it, we need to have one collector at each designated spot in the town. Collectors would usually do shifts of 1 or 2 hours, so we need a number of them to cover the day (from 9am to 6pm). We hold one annual collection, for which we have a garda permit) in the following towns: Mitchelstown, Fermoy, Youghal, Whitegate, Castlemartyr, Carrigtohill and Midleton (see our diary). Money raised at those collections is used to neuter cats in that area, so it is vital to help with TNR work.


Every year in October, we are looking for volunteers to cover a small area to place Christmas cards and calendars in shops and businesses. The more volunteers we have, the easier it gets. A follow-up on how the sales go need to be done early December and the left-overs and money raised need to be collected late January.

Raffle Ticket Sellers:

Possibly our biggest fundraiser, our Christmas/New Year Appeal raffle, for which we have a garda permit, helps to raise funds to keep the organisation on its feet. Obviously, its success depends on the number of tickets sold and every year we are looking for people to sell tickets to friends, neighbours, work colleagues and family during the months of November and December. The tickets are cheap (€1 each or €5 for a book of 6) and the prizes are great, so they are quite easy to sell.

Fundraising Event Helpers:

To help with the running of a fundraising event, such as a bingo night or a pub quiz, we need the help of a few volunteers for the preparations and on the night of the event. And because the more fundraisers we hold, the more money we raise for the cats, why not organise your own fundraiser? We will give you all the support you need (more info here).

Newspaper Collectors:

What a silly little job, but one that takes time! We use a lot of newspapers when caring for feral cats and often run out. We are looking for a few people to collect newspapers, take off the staples and deliver them to our cat trappers.


cafts-cropIf you are a creative person, then you can help the cats from the comfort of your home as we are always looking for hand-made items (especially animal-themed) to sell at our stalls or auction online. For some crafty ideas, see here.

Spot Prizes & Bric-a-Brac

Make it your business to help the cats by looking for spot prizes for various fundraisers and auctions or bric-a-brac for car boot sales. Do you know someone who owns a business? Ask them for a spot prize. Have you a friend doing a clear-out? See if they would have some bric-a-brac for the car boot sales. Ask your friends and families for unwanted gifts after birthdays and Christmas (we are also taker for wrapped chocolates and sweet as we use them in hampers).

Help to Raise Awareness:

CCN TNR Info posterMost of the time, the problem of feral cat over-population arises because the public is not aware that there are groups out there who can catch the cats to have them neutered. No need to even get in touch with us to raise awareness about the work we do. You can share our posts on Facebook or print this poster (CCN TNR Info poster) to place in a local shop or community hall. If you would like some leaflets too, just send us an email!