The Craft Corner


We are constantly looking for volunteers to help us to make some crafts to sell at our stalls and use at our online auctions. We are especially looking for cat (and dog) toys, knitted blankets and animal-themed items (jewellery, magnets, keyrings, drawings, cards and so on).

Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration. If you need any supplies, just let us know and we will put up an appeal on our Facebook page. These are only some ideas, we’re pretty much open to anything! And if you’re able to brand it with the Community Cats Network logo or initials (CCN), that would be a bonus!

Knitting & Crocheting

Patterns for knitting and crocheting can be downloaded on

Catnip mice are our best-seller all year round. We’ll be happy to give you some homegrown catnip to stuff them with.

Catnip Mice
Catnip Mice

Who said cats like only mice? Other animals and dangly jellyfish are popular too!

Cat Toys
Cat Toys

Crocheted or knitted, cat blankets are always needed! Let your creativity run free as we are not fussy, but if you can embroider our initials (CCN) that would be really cool! As for the dimensions, we are looking for mini-blankets (approx. 40X40cms), medium ones (approx. 50X60cms) and large ones (approx. 60X80cms). We would not say no to a mega one for an auction or a hamper!

Pet blankets
Pet blankets

Some original coasters for cat lovers (many patterns are available, here is the link for one of them).

Crocheted Coasters
Crocheted Coasters

We would love to add cat-shaped purses to our collection.


There are plenty of little things you could make with felt or other material if you are good at sewing… Have a look here.

Little pillows (square of in various shapes) stuffed with catnip are easy to make.


Cat-shaped Christmas tree decorations would be a great additions on our stalls.



Depending on your talent, here are a few painting ideas. Small canvas paintings of cats would also be appreciated.

These magnetic note-holders are really funky!


Cat gift tags are a great item to have at our Christmas stalls.

Gift tags
Gift tags

Hand-painted cards



Cat & animal themed jewellery is always welcome at our stalls.


Upcycling and randomness

Nicely decorated, these cats made of corks could make some Christmas decorations (more cork ideas can be found here).


Dangly cat toys can be made with a variety of materials.


Hanging wall plaques could be made from timber, hand-painted and hung with a nice ribbon. They would definitely be a treat for cat lovers.

For the dogs

Every year, we are asked whether we would have toys for dogs. We would be delighted if we could satisfy this demand! You can find ideas here and here. Keep them small enough as we only have limited space!