Readathon 2017

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A celebration of reading to help stray and feral cats!

We are inviting you to take part in our 2nd Readathon in aid of Community Cats Network. Get sponsorship from your friends, colleagues, family, fellow bloggers, and so on, to read books for an entire weekend!  The event takes place online (from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world) and will begin at 8pm (GMT) on the 3rd of February 2017 and end at 8pm (GMT) on the 5th of February 2017.

During that weekend, you will read and report on your progress/reading experience, while taking part in competitions to win books, stationery and other prizes, and of course getting sponsorship from your friends.  Two weeks later, on the 17th of February at 8pm (GMT), we will announce the best fundraiser, who will win a bunch of prizes!

We will also have a separate category for children.

Join now and begin fundraising!

How to register?

**Note that registration will be open until 12pm (GMT) on the 1st of February**

  • Step 1: Create a fundraising profile on IDonate.  Click here to do so.
  • Step 2: Fill in the form below.

  • You’re done! Now, you can begin to fundraise and plan your weekend of reading!

How does it work?

Thanks to your IDonate fundraising profile, you can get people anywhere in the world to sponsor you for this event.  You can report about your reading by posting on your own blog or Facebook page or by commenting on our website and the event Facebook page.  We will be checking on you during the weekend and giving you encouragements!  The best fundraiser will be announced on the 17th of February at 8pm (GMT) – two weeks after the event finishes – and will win a bunch of prizes.  You can thus accept donations online until then.  For those using sponsorship cards, these will have to be returned to us, with the funds raised, before the 17th of February to be taken into account.

Throughout the weekend, we will have competitions to win books and other prizes.  Details for each competition will be in the post.  These competitions, unless stated otherwise, will be open to participants only.  Note that you must have raised a minimum of €20 online in order to take part in these competitions – that’s to make sure that the postage fees are covered…

What is the registration fee?

There is no registration fee, but you will need to raise a minimum of €20 online before the start of the event in order to take part in the competitions (to help us to cover for the postage of prizes).  You can still take part in the event without raising this amount and share your passion for books.

Where does it take place?

This is an online event, so you can be anywhere in the world when taking part!

When is it taking place?

The event itself will start at 8pm (GMT) on the 3rd of February and run until 8pm (GMT) on the 5th of February.  However, you can start fundraising from now on and until the 17th of February at 8pm (GMT).  Note that the times are GMT, but you can take part from anywhere in the world.

Do I have to read non-stop for 48 hours?

We’re only humans, so no, you don’t!  We want you to enjoy your reading and share your passion for books (and raise funds for the cats)!

Do I have to read a certain number of books?

No, we are all different and read at a different pace.  The important thing is to enjoy reading and to help the cats.  However, we will ask you to share your reading experience during the weekend (don’t worry, there will be prompts!).

Can I read in any other language than English?

Yes, but, please, share your thoughts about the book in English so that we can all appreciate your reading experience.

Can children take part?

We would love to see children taking part in this event as it is a celebration of reading.  Children have two options.  They can take part in the weekend event by filling the registration form above and/or they can take part in the kids edition, which takes place from the 5th of January to the 5th of February (more information coming soon).

Where do the funds go?

All proceeds go to fund the work we do with feral and stray cats, although a small part will go towards postage.  We are a charity operating a Trap-Neuter-Return programme in county Cork and surrounding areas.  To find out more about the work we do, please explore our website or visit our Facebook page.

I think we have pretty much covered all the questions you may have, but if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to post them below in the comment section.

The Readathon prizes

During the weekend, we will have draws and competitions to win spot prizes (note that you must be registered and have fundraised a minimum of €20 to be included in these draws). The more people who register, the more prizes we will add!

The Bunch of Prizes for the Best Fundraiser

The participant who will have raised the most funds by the 17th of February at 8pm will win a bunch of prizes.

Prizes to be announced soon…

If you would like to sponsor a prize for this event, please email

The participants

We’re waiting to hear from you…