Cork Evening Echo Women’s Mini Marathon 2017

The Evening Echo Women’s Mini-Marathon 2017 will take place in Cork on the 24th of September at 1pm.  It is a fun event that helps to raise money for many charities.  You can walk, jog or run the 4 miles.  Although it is a women’s mini-marathon, men are also welcome to take part as long as they are dressed as women!

We will all meet at 12.15pm for a group photo!

If you would like to take part in aid of Community Cats Network, please register here and send an email to with your details (name, address, contact number and tee-shirt size) or fill in the form below and we’ll send you your sponsorship pack.

You can also raise funds online by creating your own fundraising page.  It is a handy way to raise funds as you can easily share your page via email, Facebook and other social media.  We are registered with iDonate (create your fundraising event here; visit Community Cats Network’s page here).

If you cannot take part, why not sponsor one of the participants running for Community Cats?

Cat Trappers on the Run

“We are always running left, right and centre with our traps to attend to cats that need to be neutered. For one day though, we will swap our traps for a pair of running (hmm, walking) shoes in order to raise some funds to help Community Cats Network with the neuterig of stray and feral cats, as well as the care of foster cats and kittens.

Em, Jackie and Rosie are all cat trappers for Community Cats Network and we are in together in this challenge. 4 miles might seem like nothing to you, but for us it is quite a challenge, so please, give us a little encouragement and help us to raise some much needed funds for the kitties in need!

Thanks for your support!”

Visit the Cat Trappers on the Run’s fundraising page.

Aneta Wojcik

Aoife O’Neill

“As the resident ‘Mother of Cats’ amongst my friends, I love all things feline. My three dragons cats were rescue cats given a second chance at life by the fabulous Emily at Community Cats Network Cork. CCN is primarily a trap neuter and return organisation who help keep feral and semi feral colonies of cats under control by ensuring they are neutered and vaccinated. Catching wild cats is a hard and arduous… often thankless!.. task. Money is usually a big bone of contention with people and so a lot of the finance available to help these poor kitties is raised through campaigns like this one. I hope you can offer up any amount at all. Trap/Neuter/Return saves lives and keeps cats safe and healthy. It is a hugely worthy cause that I believe in!”

To sponsor Aoife, visit her iDonate page.

Carole Bradley

Cathy Hooton

“I’m doing the Mini Marathon again this year for Community Cats Network, a charity dedicated to helping improve the lives of feral cats.

Please help me help the cats by sponsoring me for this year’s Evening Echo Women’s Mini Marathon.

Thank you.”

Visit Cathy’s iDonate fundraising page.

Jennifer Moroney

Karolina Korneluk & Agnieszka

“We are supporting Community Cats Network which is helping neutering feral cats and give them chance for better life.”

You can sponsor Karolina & Agnieszka here.

Laura Moroney

Nina Blomqvist

Roisin Cuddihy

Shirley Quinn

Sue Kenneally

“Community Cats Network has helped me on many an occasion when I have come across stray cats in need of help.  This is a local charity servicing our local community and surrounding areas.  CCNs work and dedication stops the cycle of suffering for stray/feral cats by trap, neuter and return.  The less suffering we have in this world the better and that includes our furry friends who unfortunately are often overlooked.  Please support me and this amazing charity by giving what you can, and I will do the best I can on the day!”

To sponsor Sue, visit her IDonate page.