Cork Evening Echo Women’s Mini Marathon 2016


The Evening Echo Women’s Mini-Marathon 2016 will take place in Cork on the 25th of September at 1pm.  It is a fun event that helps to raise money for many charities.  You can walk, jog or run the 4 miles.  Although it is a women’s mini-marathon, men are also welcome to take part as long as they are dressed as women!

We will all meet at 12.30pm for a group photo!

If you would like to take part in aid of Community Cats Network, please register here and send an email to with your details (name, address, contact number and tee-shirt size) or fill in the form below and we’ll send you your sponsorship pack.

You can also raise funds online by creating your own fundraising page.  It is a handy way to raise funds as you can easily share your page via email, Facebook and other social media.  We are registered with iDonate (create your fundraising event here; visit Community Cats Network’s page here).  Alternatively, we can create a personalised Paypal donation link.  All you need to do is to email us a cover photo and a short write up explaining why you are taking part in the event and supporting CCN.  We will email you back with your personalised link.

If you cannot take part, why not sponsor one of the participants running for Community Cats?

Cat Trappers on the Run

**Unfortunately, due to health issues, the Cat Trappers on the Run had to withdraw from the race. We’ll be back next year!**


We have decided to take a break from cat trapping for one afternoon in order to take part in the mini-marathon and raise some funds to help even more stray and feral cats. So on the 25th of September we will swap our cat traps for a pair of runners and will join thousands of people in running (hum! crawling) the mini-marathon.

Please, sponsor us and help us to improve the lives of many more cats. Visit our iDonate fundraising page.

Thanks for your support!

Laura & Em

Aoife O’Neill


“Running for the work done by all at Community Cats Network!”

Visit Aoife’s fundraising page here.

Cathy Hooton

cathy“Community Cats Network are a fantastic charity who do great work to help the feral cats through their Trap Neuter Return programme. This helps control the feral cat population and also stop the spread of disease among feral cats. Please help me to help them by sponsoring me in the Evening Echo Women’s Mini Marathon on September 25th. Thank you.”

Visit Cathy’s fundraising page here.

Pauline Hyde

Pauline“I’m running (or walking or even crawling!) the mini-marathon because CCN badly needs money and CCN is an animal charity like no other.

See, CCN deals with cats that are often unloved and considered unlovable, at least by cutesie standards. Instead, CCN gives meticulously well-planned care towards these outsiders and in doing so, succeeds in changing hearts and minds about their usefulness in communities, and indeed the relationship we have with all animals. This is truly a quiet revolution in the making.

Have a look at what they do. You’ll see why it’s so important to support them.”

Sarah-Louise Foley