Chevember 2012

One of our volunteers, Cormac Walsh, has decided to do a little fundraiser for CCN as a variation on the Movember challenge.  As he is just back from Cuba, Cormac has decided to adopt the Che Guevara’s look.  He is starting as of today with a clean-shaven face (and he really hates that!) and will aim at a beard like that of the Che.  This is the Chevember challenge!

We will follow his progress through the month and have saved a cigar for the final photo!  Please, support Cormac in his efforts to adopt the Che Guevara’s look and sponsor him!  All proceeds will be donated to Community Cats Network.

To sponsor Cormac, click here.  It’s all for the cats (and to see Cormac as Che Guevara!)!

1/11/12: 1st clean shave since 2010…

Five days later, the beard is slowly growing…

5/11/12: and the transformation begins…

The beard is still growing, but only 11 days left.  We might have to extend the challenge until Christmas!

19/11/12: shaping up!

At the end of this week, we will take the final photo with all the Che apparatus, but here is a little snapshot take yesterday.

26/11/12: Some Che resemblance?

I’ve just found this photo of the Che…  Hmmm… Getting there, but Cormac might have to grow his hair next!

Cormac decided to give us an extra week of beard-growing, at which point he came back to us crying “I have to shave!!!”.  He couldn’t bear the beard anymore and felt more like a bear…  On the 7th of December, he sent us the last photo of his Chevember challenge.  How do you think he got on?  Not bad, isn’t it?

Although the challenge is now over, you can still sponsor Cormac to congratulate him for his effort and will to do something to help cats.  Thank you Cormac for your support!

7/12/12: The well-deserved treat of smoking the Che's favourite, a Monte Cristo No.4
7/12/12: The well-deserved treat of smoking the Che’s favourite, a Monte Cristo No.4

If you too would like to take part in Chevember, just send us an email and we will sort it out.

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