Sport Events & Challenges

Taking part to sport events or doing challenges are a great way to help to raise funds for the cats.  Below, we have listened some of the most popular sport events, but there are many more.  Taking up a challenge for charity can also be a fun way to raise funds!

Contact for more information or to obtain a sponsorship card.  All participants to sport events will be given a CCN tee-shirt.

You can also raise funds online by creating your own fundraising page.  It is a handy way to raise funds as you can easily share your page via email, Facebook and other social media.  We are registered with both (create your fundraising event here; visit Community Cats Network’s page here) and iDonate (create your fundraising event here; visit Community Cats Network’s page here).  Alternatively, we can create a personalised Paypal donation link.  All you need to do is to email us a cover photo and a short write up explaining why you are taking part in the event and supporting CCN.  We will email you back with your personalised link.

List of Sporting Events:

Ballycotton 10 (Ballycotton):

Flora Women’s Mini-Marathon (Dublin): 1st of June 2015

Cork City Marathon (Cork): 1st of June 2015 (registrations until the 8th of May)

River Lee Swim (Cork): 11th of July 2015 (registrations until the 5th of July)

Evening Echo Women’s Mini-Marathon (Cork):  TBC September 2015 (registrations open). Run, jog or walk 4 miles for charity.  You must look like a woman!

Climb the Kilimanjaro

Skydive Ireland: You can do a parachute jump for charity.  For that, you need to raise €260 for the jump and a minimum of €260 for the charity.  See this link for more info: CHARITY PARACHUTE JUMPS.


Give up smoking, lose weight, dye or shave, etc; all these are great challenges to take on for charity, but you can also be creative with your own challenge…

Chevember 2012

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