Sponsor a Feral Cat Programme

By sponsoring a feral cat, you will be helping us in our mission of neutering stray and feral cats in Cork county.  Sponsoring a feral cat costs €52 (or €1 per week for a year) and will cover for the neutering of a cat, as well as a flea and worm treatment.

This programme enables us to neuter cats whose carers are under too much financial pressure to pay for the neutering of the cats they are feeding.  Sometimes, they may be willing to pay for a few, but cannot pay for the whole colony to be done.  Having one of the cats sponsored gives them a bit of relief and encourages them to have the rest of the cats also done.

It also enables us to neuter cats who do not have identified carers and who are more or less left to their own means.  In certain cases, we also look after feral cats who need veterinary attention and this is usually made possible by the generosity of the public.  Once at the vet, it is essential to have those cats neutered; once more, it is thanks to the “Sponsor a Feral Cat” programme that we can do so.

Gift card_sponsor a feral_front

You will receive a gift card featuring a feral cat and will automatically become a supporting member, thus receiving our newsletter.  We will update you with news and a photo of the cat you have sponsored.

You can also sponsor a feral cat on behalf of a friend as a present.  It would make an ideal gift for people who love cats and want to make a difference.  In this case, you need to email us your friend’s details (name, address and email address) when ordering.

Sponsor a Feral Cat here.  Alternatively, you can also set up a standing order of €1 per week (or €4.35 per month).  Our bank details are available here.  Do not forget to email us to provide your details!

Sponsored Cats

Thank you to the following sponsors:

Michael Foran from Kinsale

Caroline Coughlan

Caroline Lydon from Whitegate

Sandra Yeomans in Mount Oval

Katy Fitus

Rebecca O’Keefe

Katy Strickland from Ballincollig

Elspeth Cameron from Cobh – “IN MEMORY OF TIGGY, MY 18 YEAR OLD RESCUE CAT. RIP 01.09.00 – 04.12.18”

Melissa O’Neil

Judith O’Keefe from Lehenaghhmore

Ava Farrington in Tallow

City TNR photo
Colony of cats residing in the city who were helped thanks to the “sponsor a feral cat” programme.

13 02 05 Cat 2 F webThis female cat was sponsored by Lisa from Midleton.

You can see the photo album of this project here.

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