Become a supporter

Become a privileged supporter of Community Cats Network.  Each supporter will receive a welcome gift and four newsletters every year, as well as a yearly report.

Supporter’s membership is €20 for the year (going from January to December) or €25 when living outside of Ireland.  This means that for every two people becoming a supporter we can get one cat neutered.  It does not seem like much, but in fact it means that many unwanted kittens will not be born in a world where they are suffering.

Thanks for your support!

Ways to pay:

  • Via Paypal (please, make sure you give your full address, so that we can send you your gift): follow this link.
  • By filling the form (Membership Form) and sending a cheque to Community Cats Network, PO Box 50, Midleton Delivery Service Unit, Ballinacurra Business Park, Midleton, Co. Cork.
  • By bank transfer (please make sure you enter the following narrative: “supporter” + your name) and emailing your details to Name of account: Community Cats Network; Bank: Permanent TSB, North Main Street, Cork; Sort code: 99 07 07; Account number: 20668352.

Fill the form online:

4 responses to “Become a supporter



  2. Geraldine McCarra

    I absolutely love what you guys are doing. I have 5 cats myself, 3 of whom were rescued as kittens. I spent a few weeks socialising one of them as he was born to a semi-feral mum. We knew she had had kittens but couldn’t find them, but by chance the little guy followed her to our place one day and after much difficulty (and a bite to my thumb!) we trapped him. He is now a healthy big 1 and a half year old. His mam went on to have one more litter before we could trap her to have her spayed, but we made sure she had them with us. We rehomed 3 of them and have held onto the only boy as he was born with ‘wobbly kitten syndrome’. Although you’d hardly know it now he’s doing so well. Our oldest boy is incontinent after an operation following an accident. So our hands are quite full. Cats are wonderful, intelligent creatures. I am delighted to support such a worthy cause.

  3. What a wonderful story sounds like me we have 5 semi ferals outside
    all neutered with the help of Emelie who is a wonderful person. Our gang are fantastic we have built 3 houses in our garden for them
    and are fed twice a day Friday is specials day tuna for all they know when its Friday. I also have two lovely cats (little princesses) as
    indoors cats so 7 in all. I wouldn’t be without them they are such a joy.
    God Bless all the people who care about these lovely cats. Community
    Cats you do a wonderful Job

  4. Such an deserving charity to help 🙂

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