How much does TNR cost?

It will all depend on where you are located and the availability of funds for that specific area. The best is to contact us to explain your situation and see how we can assist you.

We have negotiated significantly discounted rates with local vets for the neutering of stray and feral cats. All the veterinary surgeons used by CCN are fully qualified and registered with the VCI. Cats receive a full anaesthetic when being neutered; they also receive pain killers and antibiotics. Additionally, the receive a parasite treatment. They are treated with care and self-dissolving stitches are used for females so that they do not need to be trapped a 2nd time.

Unfortunately, there is no scheme put in place by the government for the neutering of stray and feral cats. Although we are in receipt of an ex-gratia grant from the department of agriculture, it is not sufficient to cover the veterinary cost for the hundreds of cats we help every year (this figure nearly reached 1000 cats in 2017). We thus usually ask for people to cover for the discounted rate of neutering the cats they care for. However, in certain instances, we may be in a position to offer subsidies to help with that cost. What we can subsidise towards this cost will entirely depend on the availability of funds in a certain area and the amount of fundraising done by the community in that locality. Any money raised in a town or area will be spent to help the community neuter cats in that same area.

We see the organisation as empowering communities to solve the problem of cat over-population in their locality and are always happy to assist with the organisation of fundraisers. However, we have only a limited number of volunteers (all unpaid) and cannot do it all on our own.