These are a few of the questions we regularly hear.  We are a trap-neuter-return group, not a rescue, so cannot take in cats; however, we are happy to provide advice and support in order for you to sort out the problem yourself.  Please follow the links below to find the answer to your question. If you need further advice, contact us.

I have found a kitten; what shall I do?

There is a cat in my garden, can you take it?

A mother has just given birth to kittens in my garden, can you take them?

There are loads of cats in my neighbourhood, what shall I do?

Is there a cat neutering scheme for people on low income?

How much does TNR cost?

2 responses to “FAQ

  1. A stray cat has had kitten behind our house. We already had to take one of the kittens to the vet and the poor thing didn’t make. The rest of them are running around the carpark which gets very busy. I’m afraid there going to get hurt. I dont no what to do. As I can’t take them. Any info would be helpful.

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