6th National Feral Cat Awareness Week, 9th to 15th of August 2015

Feral Cat 2015_general posterThe aim of this week is to raise the awareness about feral cats and the importance of neutering.

On the 8th of August, we will be launching the week with an information table in Maxi Zoo in Midleton, so make sure to call in to say hello.

During the week, we will be posting information on this website and on our Facebook page about feral cats.  You can also visit the Feral Cats Ireland website and Facebook page for more information.

Why not help us raise awareness by printing the following posters and placing them in your local shop, community centre, co-op, etc?

Download the PDF file here: Feral Cat 2015_general poster.

CCN TNR Info poster

Download the PDF file here: CCN TNR Info poster.

Early neutering poster

Download the PDF file here: Early neutering poster.

To learn more about early neutering and check what vets in Cork offer it, click here.

Chip or Tip poster

Download the PDF file here: Chip or Tip poster

Information leaflets created by Feral Cats Ireland can also be obtained to distribute in your local vets, pet shops, etc, by emailing feralcatsireland@gmail.com.

Feral Cat Week leaflets


Vets in Cork and beyond supporting the initiative

A number of vets in Cork have kindly accepted to support this initiative by offering a discounted rate to members of the general public for the neutering of stray and feral cats during that week.  So, if you are feeding a stray cat and her kittens, it’s time to get them all neutered to avoid them from breeding and increase their health.

Please, ring the practice for a quote and to make an appointment.

City and suburbs:

East Cork:

North Cork:

Beyond Cork:

Many other vets support the neutering of feral cats by offering discounts to TNR groups.  Contact your local TNR group for more information.  Community Cats Network would like to thank the following vets for supporting our programme of Trap-Neuter-Return: Acorn Veterinary Clinic, Animal Care Hospital Douglas, Cloyne Veterinary Clinic, Duntahane Veterinary Clinic, Glasslyn Veterinary Clinic, Midleton Veterinary Hospital, Sunbeam Veterinary Hospital and The Cat Hospital.


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