Who are we?

Maggie Dwyer (chairperson & TNR Coordiator for West Cork)

Maggie is one of the co-founders of CCN and coordinates Trap-Neuter-Return operations in the West Cork area.

She works full time, yet manages to find time to trap many ferals for neutering every year. She also helps out with administrative duties and runs online auctions to raise funds for the West Cork area. When she is not on the road or behind the computer, Maggie likes to do some DIY, always supervised by one of the many rescue cats or foster kitties she shares her home with.

Em Peneau (Head of Fundraising & TNR Coordinator for East Cork)

13 03 30 Bud_webEm is one of the co-founders of CCN and coordinates Trap-Neuter-Return operations in East Cork, West Waterford and Cork city.

She also carries out most of the administration for the organisation and organises fundraising activities for her area, as well as supporting other volunteers in their trapping and fundraising duties.  When she gets a chance, she likes to read a book surrounded by her six rescue cats.

Jim Dwyer (co-founder)

Jim Dwyer is the 3rd co-founder of CCN. He assists Maggie in her trapping activities in West Cork and is in charge of looking after the feral cats pre and post-surgery and ensuring that the feral shed and equipment are always kept to the required levels of disinfection.

When he is not busy feeding one of the many felines (rescue cats, feral cats and foster kitties) he and Maggie care for, Jim also runs An Grainneog, a hedgehog  care and rehabilitation organisation.

Susan Sullivan (Treasurer)

Breda Paul

Breda has been involved with CCN since the very first day. She organises many fundraising events for the organisation, help with the vet runs when she can and acts as a point of contact in the village of Ballycotton.

Breda “doesn’t own” any cats, but a few of the cats she helped to trap have decided to move in her bedroom where they receive royal treatment!

Cathy Hooton

Cathy is a key fundraiser for CCN. You will often meet her at the stalls in Maxi Zoo in Douglas and Midleton. She also helps with other fundraising duties as well as being one of the pillars of the Evening Echo Mini-Marathon.

Cathy has 3 very spoilt indoor lady cats, who came from a rescue, and a very handsome feral tom, Harry, who was TNRed by CCN and had his moment of fame in the 2017 calendar!

Colette Rolfe

Colette is one of the quiet shadows hanging around. Colette has been helping CCN for a long time. Lately, she mostly fosters cats who need to be rehabilitated before finding their forever homes.

Dagmara Kalarus

David Hemming

If you ask David, he’ll tell you that he likes cats and wants to help Mother Nature, but is not that passionate about the  little felines. But cat trapping is like fishing, isn’t it?And so David is out every week on a trapping mission. Patience and perseverance are the key!

David doesn’t have any cats, but his wife has 2 gorgeous house pets, Smuge and Mufette, and an outdoor feral gone tame.

Jackie Graham

Jennifer Michel

Maria Moroney

Mary Williams

Pat Hemming

Paudie Murphy

Pippin MurphyPaudie joined the CCN team after adopting a kitten from the organisation in 2013. He has since been the administrator on our Twitter account, as well as helping out with various fundraising activities and designing various posters and other material.

Pauline Hyde 

Pauline has been helping with fundraising since the organisation was created.

Pauline cares for a number of feral cats on her family farm homestead and a few have even moved to her own house!

Rosie Pagenkemper 

Sarah Conroy

Sarah has only very recently joined the team. After being a supporter for a few years, she asked about how she could help more. The team quickly got back to her with a suggestion that could meet her requirement and Sarah took on the position of newsletter editor.


6 replies on “Who are we?”

Hi Mia,
We are based in Cork county; however, we do not have a shelter since we are a Trap-Neuter-Return group. The few cats we care for stay with fosters. You’d be welcome to visit them; for that, could you email us please.
If you would like to volunteer for us, there is a form that can be downloaded for this site. It highlights the many ways one can help.
Thanks for your interest!

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