Help us to find her owners!

This little lady was found in Ballinacurra in November. She had been recently spayed, but none of the local vets could recognise her and she was not microchipped. Local residents minded her for a while, but she then disappeared and they assumed she had made her way home.

Unfortunately, this was not the case as she resurfaced in Ballycotton after travelling in a van we assume.

She is a young white and black female, very friendly, house-trained and we are convinced someone must be missing her terribly as they went through the bother of getting her spayed.

She seems to have a tendency to get in car engines and could have come from anywhere. Please, help us to reunite her with her owners. You can share on social media the “found posts” we have on Munster Lost and Found Pet Helpline and Lost and Found Pets Ireland. You can also help by printing the above poster and place in your local shops as her owners may not have internet access (download the PDF: 18 12 Recently spayed).

Help us to get this friendly little lady home for Christmas!

Lost and Found Cats Rescue

Miss Marple, the Old Lady Surrounded by Mystery


Last Tuesday, we received a call about a sick cat in Midleton. She was very thin and dehydrated. We brought her to Sinead at the Cloyne Veterinary Clinic and an examination revealed that she was already neutered and very old. Ads were posted on the internet, posters were placed, leaflets were distributed, and Miss Marple, as I named her because she was an old lady surrounded by so much mystery, took up residence in my study.

P1160305 web
Although the caller thought the cat had been dumped, I was convinced someone was looking for her and decided to keep looking….
Well, Miss Marple’s real name is in fact Lucky (very appropriate) and she is 19 years old. She had been missing for a month and her owners thought she had gone away to die, until today, when their son saw one of my posters. Twenty minutes later, the tears were rolling and Lucky was in the arms of her mammy While in our care, Lucky was microchipped, so if she ever goes missing again, she can be quickly reunited with her family.

Moral of the story? Don’t give up looking for your missing cat and never assume too much when you have found a cat. So many cats are not reunited with their owners because people assume they have been dumped…

P1160318 web

Lost and Found Cats

LOST, Cork, 16/11/12

We are missing our lovely cat Snoes. 

She is completely white, was wearing a red collar & bell, and was last seen last Friday night 16th November on Dominick St, Shandon, Cork.
If you have seen her, or have any advice, please ring us.  
Joya: 085 7770969

FOUND: Aghada, 19/10/12

These two kittens were found in Aghada on the 19th of October.  They are about 6-8 weeks old.  Please, contact 0872674651 if you know anything about them or if you’d like to adopt them.

The lady cannot keep them for long and is urgently looking for a home for them.


FOUND, Ballycotton, 25/09/12

This black and white male kitten was found near the Ballycotton school, but could have been travelling.

He is about 6 months old, unneutered, not microchipped and is very friendly.

Contact 086 1583501

Please, help find his owners by printing the poster and putting it in your local shop or at the back of your car: 12 09 25 Ballycotton


FOUND, Douglas, 12/07/12

This kitten was found in Douglas not far from the Fingerpost.  He is about 9 weeks old, not neutered, nor microchipped.

He is very friendly and placid, so could belong to someone.

Contact 086 1583501.

Please help finding his owners by printing this poster and placing it in local shop and at the back of your car: 12 07 12 Douglas.


FOUND, Carrigtwohill, 9/07/12


This female cat has been hanging around Gortnamucky in Carrigtwohill for the past few weeks.  She is not microchipped, but is spayed.

She is quite friendly, but looks like she has been fending for herself for a while and shows signs of feline dermatritis.

Could you help finding her owners by printing this poster and putting it in local shops and a the back of your car? 12 07 12 Carrigtwohill


FOUND, Ballycotton/Midleton, 10/07/12

This black and white male kitten was found in Ballycotton; however he probably travelled in the engine of a car coming from Midleton as he was oily, his ears were burnt down and he had a few wounds.

He is about 9 weeks old, unneutered, not microchipped and is very friendly.

Please, help find his owners by printing the poster and putting it in your local shop or at the back of your car: 12 07 10 Ballycotton


FOUND, Ballincollig, 5/06/12

This cat, whom we’ve named MC, was collected in EMC in Ballincollig on the 5th of June.  He had been hanging around there for about a week.

MC is an older black and white male cat.  He is neutered, but not microchipped.  He could have been travelling as he was very dirty, emaciated and dehydrated.

If you think this is your cat, please contact 086 1583501.

Can you help us to look for MC’s owners by printing and distributing this poster please? 12 06 05 Ballincollig

Found Lost and Found Cats

FOUND, Cloyne, 17/05/12

Breda and I went to pick up this cat today.  He wandered in a garden in the Ballyfinn area of Cloyne (East Cork) on the 17th of May.

He is about a year or a year and half and is not neutered, nor microchipped.  However, he is very friendly (with dogs as well).

His tail is badly damaged, which could be a sign that he travelled in a car’s engine.  He is at themoment staying with Sinead, who has named him Crawford because of his beauty spot, at The Cloyne Veterinary Clinic.  She will examine him properly tomorrow and do the necessary.

If you know someone who has lost a cat of this description, please contact Em on 0861583501.

Could you also help by printing this poster and putting it in local vets and pet shops please, as well as in local shops in East Cork? 12 05 17 Cloyne