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Read-a-thon: Hour 19

“I have my favorite cat, who is my paperweight, on my desk while I am writing.” – Ray Bradbury

ray Bradbury www terriwindling com

I’m sure all cat owners have experienced it. Cats need to be part of what you’re doing, they want the attention. You are reading the paper, they will sit on it. You are writing and they will play with your pen. Is your cat keeping you company while you are reading? Acting as a book holder? Or keeping your legs warm?

Author random fact: Ray Bradbury was a descendant of one of the Salem witches.

Do you have a photo of your cat “helping” you with your reading? Please share!



Read-a-thon 2015: Hour 16

” Time spent with a cat is never wasted.” – Colette


How are you getting on with your reading? Have you begun any new books? Don’t forget to take breaks and eat! Are you alone at home today or do you have the company of your beloved pets? Maybe some family members are around and you’re trying to ignore the noise they are making.

Tell us, how do you prefer to read? Do you prefer to read in peace and solitude? Or do you like to have a bit of background music? Maybe you even enjoy having people around you when reading?

Don’t forget that now is your last chance to register. Click here and follow the simple two steps.


Read-a-thon 2015: Hour 13

“She was still hugging the cat. ‘Poor slob,’ she said, tickling his head, ‘poor slob without a name. It’s a little inconvenient, his not having a name. But I haven’t any right to give him one: he’ll have to wait until he belongs to somebody. We just sort of took up by the river one day, we don’t belong to each other: he’s an independent, and so am I. I don’t want to own anything until I know I’ve found the place where me and things belong together. I’m not quite sure where that is just yet. But I know what it’s like.’ She smiled, and let the cat drop to the floor. ” – Truman Capote (Breakfast at Tiffany’s)


Good morning readers! Have you been up all night reading or are you just waking up and having a quick breakfast before you dive into that book again?

CCN Random Fact: Many times, our volunteers have had to help very sick and injured cats for whom there was no other option than euthanizing them. Very often, these cats were named at he last minute of their lives in order to give them a certain dignity…

Tell us, what are your cats’ names? Were you ever inspired by books when naming your cats?


Read-a-thon: Hour 10

“When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.” – Mark Twain from Who Is Mark Twain?

Twain when-a-man-loves-cats

It is now early morning here in Ireland. You are possibly switching on the kettle, or maybe are you still awake finishing last night’s book, and you will have a little snooze before you start another day of reading.

So why are you doing that? And why do we do what we do? Where is the money you’re raising going to go?

Community Cats Network is a Trap-Neuter-Return organisation. There is a huge problem of cat over-population in Ireland and we believe that by neutering stray and feral cats we can significantly reduce the suffering of many unwanted kittens and cats in general. Although rescuing cats and kittens is a very kind action, it is not actually solving the problem of over-population, whereas by neutering cats and having them monitored, you can effectively prevent much suffering. like everything in these days and ages, neutering cost money and it is a deterrent for people to have the cats they feed neutered. These cats belong to nobody and to everybody at once, but very few are willing to take responsibility for them. Our volunteers have decided to donate their time to help these cats and change people’s attitude towards the neutering of cats; the money you raise with this read-a-thon will go to helping us to have them neutered and cared for.

This weekend we want to celebrate cats, we want to celebrate reading and we invite you to join us in this celebration. You can take part in the event by registering here before noon, you can sponsor our participants, or you can just follow what is going on and interact with us to raise more awareness. Every little helps!

Now, let’s go back to reading and to what the readers who have taken up the challenge are up to!

Tell us, have you been reading non-stop so far? Or have you had a little catnap or a proper sleep before getting back to reading?





Read-a-thon 2015: Hour 7

“Holding this soft, small living creature in my lap this way, though, and seeing how it slept with complete trust in me, I felt a warm rush in my chest. I put my hand on the cat’s chest and felt his heart beating. The pulse was faint and fast, but his heart, like mine, was ticking off the time allotted to his small body with all the restless earnestness of my own.” – Haruki Murakami from The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle


We are getting late into the night now and what better author than Haruki Murakami to accompany us at this late hour? Are you feeling tired yet? Are you still reading or have you just woken up and seeing this post after a few hour sleep?

Tell us, would you often keep wake all night to finish a book? What books have kept you awake? What about now? Are you still reading the same book or have you switched to some lighter reading?




Read-a-thon 2015: Hour 4

“`we’re all mad here. I’m mad. You’re mad.’

`How do you know I’m mad?’ said Alice.

`You must be,’ said the Cat, `or you wouldn’t have come here.’

Alice didn’t think that proved it at all; however, she went on `And how do you know that you’re mad?’

`To begin with,’ said the Cat, `a dog’s not mad. You grant that?’

`I suppose so,’ said Alice.

`Well, then,’ the Cat went on, `you see, a dog growls when it’s angry, and wags its tail when it’s pleased. Now I growl when I’m pleased, and wag my tail when I’m angry. Therefore I’m mad.'”

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Cheshire cat

Hourly_Bookmark_Knitted_R02Are you mad to have taken up this challenge? No you’re not, you just like reading and want to help cats.

To show that we appreciate your support, we have a prize to offer: a lovely hand-knitted bookmark donated by Beryl Burgess (who makes the popular furry friends). Anybody who has registered before 12pm (GMT) today (the 21st) can enter the competition by answering the question below in the comment section here or on the event Facebook page. We will draw a winner at 9pm tonight.

Who is your favourite feline book character and why?



Read-a-thon 2015: Hour 2

“What greater gift than the love of a cat” – Charles Dickens


Bleak House by Charles Dickens – Illustration by Richard Gorey

You have now been reading for two hours and we hope you are enjoying it. Are you still reading the same book or are you diversifying? It is still early in the night if you are in Ireland and you are probably not feeling tired yet, but pace yourself and have breaks as you may tire as the hours go by…

Random fact: Did you know that Charles Dickens had a cat called Bob? When Bob died in 1862 he got one of his paws stuffed and turned it into letter-opener.

Now, tell us, where are you reading? Are you cosy in front of the fire? Lying in bed? Sitting at the kitchen table?

Keep an eye on this page as there will be some spot prizes up for grab! And if you haven’t registered yet but want to join us for the weekend, you can still do so here.



Read-a-thon 2015: Ready? Steady… Read!

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” Ernest Hemingway


This is hour zero of our Readathon 2015. You are now making yourself comfortable and picking up the first book you will be reading this weekend. Have you planned all your reads for the weekend or will you go with the flow? Will you be reading one book after another or switch books according to your mood? Do you have a nice cuppa ready, some food at hand and are you comfortably settled? Well, let’s read so!

Tell us, what is the first book you are about to read?

Here are a few handy survive (and thrive) tips offered by Dewey’s 24 hour Read-a-thon.

We would like to thank the participants who are taking up this challenge to raise fund for stray and feral cat: Shauna, who is reading from Cork; Pauline, who is also reading from Cork and Hope, who is reading from Mallow. Give them a little encouragement as they are about to start their challenge and you can also sponsor them on their fundraising pages! And if you are tempted to join them, it is not too late to register, go quickly to our registration page and follow the two easy steps. It’s free and it’s all for a good cause!


Read-a-thon 2015: Nearly There!

Our first ever Read-a-thon will begin in a bit more than an hour. We would like to thank all the people who have joined so far. It’s not too late to register to take part (see here for more information)!

kittens book

Throughout the weekend, we will be posting encouragements for our readers every few hours and there will be some spot prizes up for grabs. The more people join, the more spot prizes we will give away! The best fundraiser will also win a bunch of prizes…


Now, is the time to get comfortable and choose your first book for the weekend. Have fun!


Read-a-thon 2015: Register Now!


A celebration of reading to help stray and feral cats!

We are inviting you to take part in our 1st Read-a-thon in aid of Community Cats Network (the 1st of many we hope!).  Get sponsorship from your friends, colleagues, family, fellow bloggers, and so on, to read books for an entire weekend!  The event takes place online (from the comfort of your home, anywhere in the world) and will begin at 8pm (GMT) on the 20th of November and end at 8pm (GMT) on the 22nd of November.

During that weekend, you will read and report on your progress/reading experience, while taking part in competitions to win books, stationery and other prizes.  At 8pm (GMT) on the 29th of November, we will announce the best fundraiser, who will win a bunch of prizes!

Join now and begin fundraising!

For more information and to register, click here.