Cats and Kittens for Private Rehoming

This page aims at providing a platform for people to rehome cats privately.  Please, note that these cats are not in Community Cats Network’s care, we cannot therefore be involved, nor held responsible should any problems arise.  Unless stated otherwise, Community Cats will not answer emails relating to the cats below.  Thanks for your understanding!

We will only advertise cats/kittens that are neutered – as this is the only way to control cat overpopulation-, microchipped (or eartipped for outdoor cats) and treated for parasites.  We will be glad to help you to carry out these procedures if it’s not already done; just send us an email for more information. Ads will not be posted until that information has been verified. We also highly recommend that cats should be vaccinated prior to rehoming. We require that you ask for a contribution from the adopter (recommended contribution: €45 for neutered cats/kittens; €55 when microchipped also) in order to make them responsible and ensure you only get genuine calls. We strongly advise that you carry a home-check to prevent the cat/kitten to fall in the wrong hands (there have been reports of cats/kittens being used as dog bait recently).

In order to have your ad posted, please fill in the form below and email a photo to  Please, help us to keep this page up to date by letting us know when the cat has found a home.

Please, read below some tips to help you with rehoming.


Sonic is a very special girl, as she was hand raised since being a few days old. Her siblings have gone to their forever homes and, despite us really wanting to keep her, our own cat is just not happy and she deserves her own loving home whre she can be the star and receive all the attention. She is one special kitty: full of love and cuddles, she is also great with our dog as they play together most days. She loves to sit on your shoulders when you’re cooking and on your chest or head when sleeping 😂
I’ve even ordered her a harness as I feel she would be very trainable in the right hands, she has stolen our heart so her forever home must be special and full of love 🙏
If you think Sonic is the special little kitten for you please do drop me a call 🐱

Sonic is looking for a strictly indoor home and would be ok with kids, dogs and other cats. She has been spayed, microchipped, fully vaccinated and treated for parasites. A contribution of €85 (to be given to the person rehoming her) to help with veterinary care will be requested.

To enquire, please contact 089 2103458.

Posted 19/01/20

Two Sisters (East Cork)

Both kittens are totally sociable, adorable and have no problems with large groups of people and are extremely friendly with older cats. I’ve kept them indoors (with access to outdoors) for the last couple of months and they are thriving! They both sleep and play together all day and are almost inseparable and would need to be re-homed together. They will make fabulous pets!!

They are about 6 months old and female. They have tested FIV & FeLV negative, have been neutered and treated for parasites. They are suitable for an indoor home with access to outside. They are ok with children and other cats, but not sure about dogs. A contribution of €45 per kitten (to be given to the person rehoming them) will be requested.

To enquire, please contact 086 2736874 or

Posted 1/01/20

Cappi (Cork City)

Cappi is the last of a litter of kittens born to a feral mother to be looking for a home. The carer took them in her home at an early age to socialise them for rehoming. Cappi is friendly although a bit shy. He is ok with kids and other cats, but has never been introduced to dogs.

He is about 6 months old, is neutered (and eartipped) and treated for parasites. A contribution of €45 (to be given to the person rehoming them) will be requested to help with veterinary care.

To enquire, please contact 0857741450

Updated 12/01/20

Handsome Male looking for a dog-free home

 Very handsome male neutered cat looking for a dog free home or at least where a dog will not pay him any attention. Very handsome cat and very cuddly when he gets to know you. He is used to living outdoors but shelter required inside or out. I can’t stress enough how amazing this sweet soul really is I am gutted I have to do this but my lurcher dog is not getting on with him and I fear for his safety.

He is about 3 years old, neutered, vaccinated and treated for parasites. He would be suitable for an indoor home with access to outside.

To enquire, please contact 0868433990

Updated 12/01/20

Four Female Cats (West Cork)

These four adult female cats are looking for new homes.

They are about 6/7 years old and are neutered. They are looking for a strictly indoor home and are litter-trained. They are ok with kids and other cats, but not sure with dogs.

A contribution (to be given to person rehoming them) will be requested.

To enquire, please contact 0873916455

Posted 12/01/20

The Lady 

This beautiful lady is looking for a home to call her own. She is very friendly and affectionate and can’t stop purring!

She is about 5 years old and would be suitable for someone looking for company. An indoor home with access to outside would be ideal. She is ok with other cats and children, but not sure how she is with dogs.

She is neutered, has tested negative to FIV & FeLV, is fully vaccinated, is microchipped and treated for parasites. A contribution of €85 (to be given to person rehoming her) will be requested.

To enquire, please contact 086 1657910

Updated 26/09/19

The Inseparables 

The Ginger is Male with yellow eyes, he is a bit friendly. He is 6 years old. The Calico is Female with green eyes; she is about 7 years old. She is a bit more shy. she will take time to become friendly. These two are very dependent on each other and cannot be separated.

An ideal home would be one where they have shelter, room to roam and kind people to mind them. In time i believe both cats would become trusting of a kind hand. They are lovely and sweet, taken care of for years by a elderly gentleman.

Both cats have been neutered and a contribution will be requested.

To enquire, please contact 086 2327996.

Updated 12/01/20

Outdoor/Farm Cats

A number of farm cats are looking for new outdoor homes. We are dealing with a few cases where the number of cats got out of hands very rapidly. The cats are now neutered, but their carers are now trying to reduce their number a little by relocating a few. They will only be rehomed in pairs and the youngest (from 6 months old to 2 years old) or friendliest ones will be given priority as they are easier to relocate. You will need to keep the cats strictly confined (in a shed, garage or safe enclosure with natural light) for a period of 4 weeks to get them used to their new environment. You will need to give them access to a warm shelter area and provide them with complete cat food and access to fresh water in exchange for their pest-control services.

All cats will be neutered (and eartipped) prior to relocation and a small donation to contribute to the veterinary cost will be asked for.

To enquire, please email



Please fill in this form if you would like us to advertise a cat or kitten on your behalf. Note that only neutered cats will be advertised.

Please be honest in your answers as it is in the best interest of the cat. Email a photo to


Rehoming Cork Pets have a group on Facebook where you can also post an ad.  They offer free homecheck.  Visit their page here.

What to look for when doing a homecheck:

  • Do the adopters understand that it is a long-term commitment?
  • Are they willing to spend money for vet bills and a proper diet?
  • Where will the cat sleep/live?
  • Is everyone in the house willing to adopt a cat?
  • Do they understand the importance of vaccinations?
  • What will happen to the cat if they go on holidays/move house?
  • Make sure they will keep the cat/kitten confined for at least three weeks.
  • Do not rehome too young kittens to strictly outdoor homes.

If rehoming cats as outdoor cats:

  • Make sure that the cat is neutered to prevent unwanted litters.
  • Make sure that the cat can be confined for three weeks.
  • Make sure that the cat will have access to food and water.
  • Make sure that the cat can have access to a warm and safe shelter.

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  2. Hiya, just wondering is Spica gone? I have been looking for a female as have a 3 month old male and feel he needs a friend. I am based in West Cork

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