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Lou is a young adult cat who came into our care following two surgical procedures to repair serious hernias. After being operated for an inguinal hernia, Lou presented herself two weeks later with another hernia due to the weakness of her wall. The vet operated on her trying to create a bulk so that it would not reoccur, but there was no guarantee and we were preparing ourselves for the worse. Lou was checked every week and after three weeks of convalescence, the vet was satisfied with her progress and confident that the healing had gone well and would make the wall stronger. She will obviously need to be closely monitored, but life seems to be smiling at Lou and she is now looking for a loving and understanding home. To minimalise the risks we would prefer if Lou went to a strictly indoor home. She is very affectionate and friendly and should adapt to most homes.

Lou is about a year old, spayed, microchipped and fully vaccinated. She has tested negative to both FIV and FeLV and is up-to-date with parasite treatment.

To enquire, please TEXT 086 1583501.

Updated 13/03/20

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10 responses to “Cats and Kittens for adoption

  1. Are belle and Tony stil looking for homes?? I’m in West cork in a lovely house and we’re looking to expand our family

  2. Hello! Is Jane Eyre still looking for a home? I already have a kitten of 7 months old and I’m looking for some company for her. She’s an indoor cat at the moment and I’d prefer to keep it that way for both. I’m in Sunday’s Well.

  3. Is Little Tortie still available?

  4. Elizabeth Clernon

    Is Loci rehomed?
    I would be interested in giving her a good home. What do I need to do next?


  5. Hi, I would like to know if Aurora is still looking for a home.

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