Adoption procedure

Community Cats Network endeavour to help you find the cat/kitten that best suits your household.  For this reason, we will ask you a few personal questions and will carry a home-check.  Adoption is thus not something that will happen within a day.

The cats and kittens we have for rehoming are pets; they are therefore part of the family and we expect them to be treated as such, which means that they should have free access to the house and be sleeping indoors (please, let us know if you are looking for a strictly indoor cat/kitten as we will make sure to suggest one who has been used to live indoors only).  If you have a busy lifestyle, you might consider adopting two cats, so that they keep each other company.

We can also help you to find an outdoor cat as many feral and semi-feral cats need to be relocated because they live in unsuitable conditions.  In this case, you should be able to provide a shed where the cat can sleep and offer food and water.  The cat should also be kept confined for three weeks so that s/he gets used to her/his environment.  We recommend rehoming of feral cats in pairs.

When adopting, you need to consider two things: the environment and the cost.  All of our kittens are  spayed/neutered, microchipped, treated for parasites, and some might also be vaccinated.  A good quality diet will in average cost €25/month for one cat, sometimes a bit more depending on the cat’s appetite and what he is fed.  We will usually give you a sample of the food the cat/kitten has been eating as abrupt changes of food can be upsetting, especially when the cat has just changes environment.  You can find big bags of litter for €10 in Maxi Zoo.  Every year, the cat will need his booster vaccination, which costs approximately €40/50.  Furthermore, the cat will need to be wormed and flea-treated regularly.  A cat may get sick and we would like to encourage people to consider insurance for their pets.

We do not sell our kittens/cats; however, we ask for an adoption contribution, which is based on the cost of the veterinary procedures that have been involved (we ask for €45 for cats that have been neutered, eartipped and treated for parasites, €55 when the kitten has been neutered/spayed, treated for parasites and microchipped, €70 after the 1st vaccination and €85 when the cat has received the full course of vaccination).  The reason is simple: to help us to continue our work of helping animals and to make people responsible.  We also insist that you should acquire a pet carrier and a litter tray prior to adoption.

Regarding the environment, we need to assess where you live to make sure that you adopt a cat suitable to that environment.  For instance, some cats need secure gardens or country settings.  We also need to make sure that you can keep the cat inside for at least the first 3 weeks.  This is why we carry a homecheck for every single adoption.  We also like to have a chat with the potential adopter to make sure that the cat will be well looked after and suited to his/her new home (we recommend cats depending on people’s situation).  This is nothing to worry about if you are genuine about adopting, but we need to be careful as it is not the case with everybody.

We also ask people to sign an adoption contract and we follow-up after adoption to make sure that everything is going well.  If the kitten is not yet vaccinated, it is part of the contract that you should look after that.  We have a system of vouchers with certain partner vets that enable you to avail of a discount for vaccination if it is not already done.  We will also give you a discount voucher for microchipping with one of our partner vets (see the list below).

Finally, you also need to take into account  the fact that cats are animals and that we cannot guarantee their behaviour.  You should be aware that cats are by instinct hunters and will bring their owners “presents” as a mark of recognition.  Although the cats we rehome are socialised, there is nearly always an adaptation period in which the cat will be shy and might hiss (especially if you have other animals); this is something you need to be prepared for.  If you have children, we will recommend cats whose nature is gentle; however, it might happen that a cat will scratch if felt threatened (especially when first arriving in the home).  It is thus your responsibility to supervise children when interacting with the cat/kitten.

Please, email if you have any questions or would like to enquire about adopting one of our cats.

List of partner vets (let us know during the home-check which would be most practical for you):

Other partners for adoption:

  • Dungourney Cattery: all cats adopted from Community Cats Network will benefit from a discount for their stay at Dungourney Cattery.  Proof of adoption will be asked when bringing the cat.
  • Royal Canin: we feed our cats and kittens Royal Canin and through their partnership, you will be given a voucher for a free bag of food.

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