8th Birthday

Today, we are celebrating our 8th birthday.

8 years ago today we were launching this Facebook page and starting our TNR activities. We had never anticipated being that busy. We have been kept going non stop since then and new volunteers have joined….

Until now. Our activities are currently at a standstill ad we are only dealing with emergencies during the Cornavirus restrictions. This will obviously result in a large number of kittens without homes born in the coming months. More than ever we are appealing to people to support us. Please get in touch if you can give a bit of your time to help us with various activities.

To mark our birthday and to raise so much needed funds to help us get through what i going to be a tough year we have organised a raffle and hope you will take part.

Tickets are €2 each, €5 for 3 lines or €10 for 8 lines and can be bought HERE.

The more lines we well, the more prizes we will add. Prizes can be viewed HERE. Note that if collection can not be organised locally, postage will be at your own charge.

Thanks for your support!


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