Food Appeal in Clonmel – 3/11/19

Our stock of wet food is running critically low in Clonmel. We would gratefully accept donations of wet food and tinned fish to help us feed ferals during their stay with us.

You can drop your donation and stop for a chat in Tesco, Clonmel on Sun 3 Nov from 2.30pm to 4pm. You can also drop your donation to Southview Vets.

Thank you for your support!

Contact 089 2546320

2 responses to “Food Appeal in Clonmel – 3/11/19

  1. Why are the cats locked up? Bad rat problem here in college Ave, army bks area.

    • What cats are locked up Lily?
      We don’t lock up feral cats. They stay with us for two nights when they are being neutered and need to be fed! It is important to have them neutered to keep them healthy and reduce the risk of spread of disease.
      We keep saying it, cats are great rodent-controllers, but we cannot force anyone to adopt and care for cats. Why don’t you adopt one?

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