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A few thoughts about CCN – by Jackie

To mark our 7th birthday, we have asked our volunteers to share a few thoughts about their experience with CCN.

Jackie, our TNR coordinator in North Cork remembers how she started volunteering with the organisation in 2016.

“The first day I came across CCN was a day of chaos, panic and desperation. For years I had been trying to help cats who found their way to me. I had recently started feeding the most frightened cat he would run and hide, but when I left food and watched from a distance he would come for it. Then, one day my mother in law, who lived next door, said that there was a cat running around with insides coming out. After looking out and finding that blood had dripped everywhere, the panic set in. I was convinced it was a female having complications giving birth. I sought advice on a rescue page; Emilie answered and told me calmly she would send help. We managed to catch the cat and put him in a box, and CCN brought him to the vet. That cat changed my life completely – his name is Sam and he is still here. That day he had a ruptured testicle, which was instantly fixed by having him neutered.
I was in awe, and asked if I fundraised would they come and help in Mitchelstown. They agreed, so off I went!

Then I got the chance to go on the first trapping in Mitchelstown and I was hooked. It was that incredible feeling you get when you release cats that got me. The rest is hard work, but that moment when you open the door is magic – the hope and love lights up your soul.

My next few projects were all close to home and work, in places where I had loved these cats. So I brought home my first foster cat, I failed miserably at rehoming him. I knew tnr was the way to go for me, but have since managed to rehome all the foster cats I have taken in, so that’s an improvement! As some of you already know, Baylor -my failed foster- has a tendency to bring home stray cats he finds. It’s as if he felt it earned him his keep! Only this morning, I heard a foreign meow and on investigation discovered Baylor with a new cat, so trap is out and ready! And after 3 yrs and over 350 cats, my heart will still pound like a bass drum in my chest when I am about to trap the cat.”


Don’t forget to support our Birthday Raffle to raise fund to help even more cats.

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