Money Box Competition at The Cat Purrse – August 2018


For the month of August 2018, we are holding a money box competition to raise funds for TNR at The Cat Purrse. All proceeds will be split amongst our various local TNR funds to help with the neutering of stray and feral cats. It is a fun activity you can do with your kids while teaching them a very valuable lesson of kindness. You can view some ideas here, here and here.

To take part, follow those simple steps:

1- Make a money box. It can be as quirky as you wish. Use your imagination and creativity. Take a photo and email it to We will post it in a photo album on The Cat Purrse page.

2- Fill it up with your spare change (you can even throw in a few notes!).

3- Towards the middle of August, count the money in your box and lodge it to our bank account or send it via paypal (again, don’t forget to include your name so that we can match it with the money box you have submitted). Once we have received the funds, the photo of your money box will be validated for the competition.

All submissions and funds must be received by the 25th of August.
There will be 3 winners announced on the 31st of August: A- Best money box (public vote) B- Best money box (jury’s choice) C- Best fundraiser

The money box with the most likes on Facebook will win one of those 3 prizes
The money box that raises the most funds will win one of these prizes
The winner for the jury’s choice for best money box will win one of these prizes

Note that entries will only be validated once we have received the funds you have raised. If collection of the prize cannot be arranged locally (Midleton area), the postage will be at your own charge.

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