Read-a-thon 2015: Hour 37

“The only escape from the miseries of life are music and cats…” – Albert Schweitzer

Are you still with us? You’re doing good! We have just finished the 37th hours of this read-a-thon. Has your weekend of reading met your expectations? Have you had a few musical interludes? What have you been listening to?

Tell us, do you like reading with a musical background? What would you listen to?



One response to “Read-a-thon 2015: Hour 37

  1. Comment from Pauline via our Facebook page:

    Sunday morning reading matter today is boringly practical as 2016 is the year I finallly get serious about homesteading. Y’know, plantin’ and harvestin’ and cannin’ and stuff. Domestic godless territory. I dream of beautiful raised beds buzzing with life and colour, where the cats can roll among the catnip.

    That’s why I’m checking out John Seymour’s legendary ‘The New Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency’ with its earthy, hard-won wisdom and its gorgeous illustrations. Of course, the serious homesteader knows kitties are disastrous around fresh seed-beds so Seymour advises a variety of deterrants. Hmm, I don’t fancy firing water-pistols at them and the dogs here know better than to take on the alpha-felines. So, I guess his advice of a ‘sacrificial bed (without the seeds!)’ might be in order. A sacrificial bed. I like the sound of that actually.

    I’ll keep ye posted on my further reading!

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