Read-a-thon: Hour 10

“When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade, without further introduction.” – Mark Twain from Who Is Mark Twain?

Twain when-a-man-loves-cats

It is now early morning here in Ireland. You are possibly switching on the kettle, or maybe are you still awake finishing last night’s book, and you will have a little snooze before you start another day of reading.

So why are you doing that? And why do we do what we do? Where is the money you’re raising going to go?

Community Cats Network is a Trap-Neuter-Return organisation. There is a huge problem of cat over-population in Ireland and we believe that by neutering stray and feral cats we can significantly reduce the suffering of many unwanted kittens and cats in general. Although rescuing cats and kittens is a very kind action, it is not actually solving the problem of over-population, whereas by neutering cats and having them monitored, you can effectively prevent much suffering. like everything in these days and ages, neutering cost money and it is a deterrent for people to have the cats they feed neutered. These cats belong to nobody and to everybody at once, but very few are willing to take responsibility for them. Our volunteers have decided to donate their time to help these cats and change people’s attitude towards the neutering of cats; the money you raise with this read-a-thon will go to helping us to have them neutered and cared for.

This weekend we want to celebrate cats, we want to celebrate reading and we invite you to join us in this celebration. You can take part in the event by registering here before noon, you can sponsor our participants, or you can just follow what is going on and interact with us to raise more awareness. Every little helps!

Now, let’s go back to reading and to what the readers who have taken up the challenge are up to!

Tell us, have you been reading non-stop so far? Or have you had a little catnap or a proper sleep before getting back to reading?





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