Read-a-thon 2015: Hour 2

“What greater gift than the love of a cat” – Charles Dickens

Bleak House by Charles Dickens – Illustration by Richard Gorey

You have now been reading for two hours and we hope you are enjoying it. Are you still reading the same book or are you diversifying? It is still early in the night if you are in Ireland and you are probably not feeling tired yet, but pace yourself and have breaks as you may tire as the hours go by…

Random fact: Did you know that Charles Dickens had a cat called Bob? When Bob died in 1862 he got one of his paws stuffed and turned it into letter-opener.

Now, tell us, where are you reading? Are you cosy in front of the fire? Lying in bed? Sitting at the kitchen table?

Keep an eye on this page as there will be some spot prizes up for grab! And if you haven’t registered yet but want to join us for the weekend, you can still do so here.



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