Christmas is just around the corner…

And this means that more than ever we need your help!

Christmas is our busiest time of the year when it comes to fundraising, but our small team of volunteers cannot manage on their own, especially when trapping is still going on at the same time. We try our best, but know that we could do even better if we had more help. So now is the time to lend a hand!

Here are a few areas in which you could help us:

  • CaftsMaking crafts for our Christmas tables at fairs. We are looking for people to make cat toys and blankets, cat-themed gifts and jewellery, or anything you’re good at. We would be especially grateful to anyone who could knit or crochet some catnip mice as they are always our bestseller! Every year, people ask us for some gifts for dogs, so we would also welcome dog toys.
  • Helping with the distribution of Christmas cards and calendars. Our cards and calendars will be out next week and we are hoping to place them in shops the last week of October and 1st week of November. As you can imagine, this is a huge task for just a few people as we have a large area to cover. Could you ask your local shop or a friend who owns a business if they would be willing to take them for us? We present them in a little box so that they don’t take too much counter space and are kept tidy.
  • P1180201Holding a stall for CCN at your local Christmas fair or at a local shop. From the mid-November on, Christmas fairs will be happening everywhere in the county. Every year, we try to be present at as many as we can, but we cannot be everywhere at the same time! Also, Christmas fairs are more pleasant and successful if someone local holds the stall. Could you contact your local community council to find out when their Christmas fair will take place and hold a stall on behalf of CCN?
  • Selling raffle tickets for our Christmas/New Year Appeal raffle. Could you take a few books of raffle tickets to sell to your friends, family and work colleagues? The prizes are great and the tickets are only €1 each, so they are easy to sell. The draw usually takes place the 1st week of January, so you have all the Christmas holiday to sell the tickets.

If you can help with any of these, please get in touch and send us an email at or text 086 1583501. Thanks!

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