A Special Appeal: TNR Saves Lives!

TNR appeal

We have reached a critical time of the year. People are contacting us from everywhere asking for help with rehoming kittens, but there are simply not enough homes. The mothers are now pregnant with their 2nd (if not 3rd) litter this year. They are exhausted already and their kittens will be born in bad weather; most of them will end up dying in suffering.

How can we help? 
Our few volunteers are out there, every week, trapping cats to be neutered, thus preventing so much suffering. We do as much as we can physically do and are always glad to offer our time. The problem is that the bills have to be paid and although carers may be able to afford paying for a few cats to be neutered, it’s a totally different story when there are 10, 15, even 20 cats to be neutered. As much as possible we try to organise fundraisers to help out, but our community funds are running low and we are very limited in the number of cats we can help. At the moment, we have a few projects on hold, simply because the funds are not there: 12 cats in Doneraile, 16 in Castletownroche, 17 in Cahir, 15 in Wilton, and so on. Meanwhile, the cats keep breeding…

How can you help?
Carers have contacted us and have agreed to have the cats TNRed and to keep feeding them. They have also agreed to cover some of the cost of neutering, but we need more funds for these projects to go ahead. By donating a few euros today, you will be preventing the suffering of hundreds of kittens tomorrow and improving the lives of so many cats.
By donating a few euros today, you will not be saving 1 life, but 100’s of lives!

Please, help your community cats and donate to one of our community funds today!

Thank you for your support!

– North Cork fund:…
– Cork city fund:…
– Tipperary fund:…
– Waterford fund:…
– West Cork fund:…
– East Cork fund:…

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