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Volunteers in the Spotlight: Nina

We have asked our volunteers to tell us a bit about their experience of volunteering with CCN: what is their motivation, what they do and whether they find it rewarding.

Here is what Nina has to say…

When I moved to Cork about 1.5 years ago I wanted get involved in volunteer work and for me the obvious cause was helping animals. I could see that lots of voluntary work is done in the Cork area and people really care for animals and put time and effort in the work.

I contacted CCN after reading about the organisation and what they do as I found the cause and approach great; helping the stray cats and at the same time raising awareness and encouraging people to take responsibility for the lives of the cats living close to them. Because in the end, no organisation can take care of all the animals in need, people need to learn what they can do themselves to help and how easy and small deeds of good can change the lives of animals.

I was received with this great small group of volunteers, welcoming me to help out as there is always work that needs to be done. They had a job for me straight away, I started working on the admin for CCN. This suited me more than better as it is something you can do whenever you have a free moment and, like this, you can help out even if your time might be limited.

I have also helped in one of the stalls in Maxi Zoo, selling products and raising awareness. I found this a nice experience as well, as you get to meet so many animal lovers, tell about CCN and chat with people about their pets and hear their stories.

I can recommend volunteering to everyone, it’s a great way to do something good. It does not need to take so much of your time, you can help with whatever you are good at and there are many ways to help. The best part is that with your input, even if you give just a little bit of your time, you know you are making the difference.

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There are many ways to volunteer and support us to help the cats.  For more information, visit our volunteering page.  You can also join our “Helping Hands” Facebook group to keep updated of our various appeals.


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