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Volunteers in the Spotlight: Laura H

We have asked our volunteers to tell us a bit about their experience of volunteering with CCN: what is their motivation, what they do and whether they find it rewarding.

Here is what Laura has to say…

I have been helping out with Community Cat Network for a few years now.

One of the ways I help out is by doing fundraising. For example late last year we did a street collection in Fermoy where we raised enough money to neuter a colony of cats in the area. The result of giving a few hours of my time that day meant that there will be less unwanted kittens born in a few months time wandering the streets looking for food and shelter. I have also stood behind information tables for an hour or two in places like Maxi Zoo where information leaflets are available to provide to members of the public if they have any queries on what we do or need further information on what to do if they have stray cats in the area. We also sell some arts and crafts at these tables that are produced by our other more creative volunteers:)

I also distribute charity cards and calendars at my workplace and to shops and vets in the area I live in. This also raises vital funds so we can continue to neuter as many cats as possible.

All of the above might only amount to an hour or 2 a month but every bit helps and without this kind of help from volunteers Community Cats Network could not continue doing the great work it does.


There are many ways to volunteer and support us to help the cats.  For more information, visit our volunteering page.  You can also join our “Helping Hands” Facebook group to keep updated of our various appeals.


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