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Volunteers in the Spotlight: Sarah M

We have asked our volunteers to tell us a bit about their experience of volunteering with CCN: what is their motivation, what they do and whether they find it rewarding.

Here is what Sarah has to say…

I was never a big fan of cats, I thought they were cute but they scared me a bit… until Bobby was trapped as a tiny kitten in the wall of the building. I decided I had no choice but to look after him for the night and try to find someone to take him the next day. Almost 2 years later I am definitely a “Crazy Cat Lady”.

A couple of months after taking Bobby in, a female cat (I’m almost certain his mother) started appearing at the window making a horrific noise. I thought something was wrong with her and phoned around to find out it was more than likely she was calling and was given the details of CCN.

I was shocked to learn that a cat could be calling and pregnant again so soon after having a litter. I also couldn’t believe they could get pregnant so young. CCN came and neutered this frightened young cat which was a massive relief! Soon after, she started inviting her boyfriend for dinner, a very rough looking ginger boy who was constantly cut up from fighting with other cats and destroyed in ear mites. CCN neutered & treated him and now he is the most loving friendly stray you could meet. He is determined to move himself in and loves his comforts. Soon after, cat number 3 came… Another young male who lost most of his ear from fighting! He was neutered and is now a huge healthy boy who goes from house to house flirting and filling his belly.

Through Community Cats Network, I have been educated a lot and have had my eyes opened to the huge feral cat population in Youghal. I try to help out when I can, helping with TNRs, street collections, selling raffle tickets and helping with a bingo night. I would encourage others to volunteer, not only does it help the cats in the town but it also gives you a chance to get involved in the community. It doesn’t matter whether you love or hate cats, the events are a bit of fun for everyone and raise much needed funds.

So many times I hear of people feeding ferals, but don’t want to take any responsibility financially or medically for them. We need to remember that these are homeless animals who did not ask to be here!  By neutering our own pets, ferals and helping even in a small way with fundraising and raising awareness we can collectively give these animals a better life and take the pressure off the people who are caring for them!

You don’t have to give up a lot of time or money to help…. knitting a couple of toys for a stall, donating some items for the car boot sales, distributing a few leaflets or giving up an hour to help with a street collection…. all of these small things help!

Through CCN I’ve met some great people, had some fun and of course met some wonderful kitties.

CCN ARE making a difference! It is fantastic to see cats that were in bad states now living in the community as healthy, happy animals! 

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There are many ways to volunteer and support us to help the cats.  For more information, visit our volunteering page.  You can also join our “Helping Hands” Facebook group to keep updated of our various appeals.


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