Fun(d)raising Online Auction

March 2014 Auction

Every month, Community Cats Network offer a new item for auction in order to help us to raise funds to continue our mission of neutering stray and feral cats.  The auction takes place on our Facebook page and bidding ends at midnight on the 15th of the month.  As we are so late this month, we will extend the bidding until the 20th.  It is open to all; however, we will ask for postage if the item cannot be collected in Cork county.

This month, we are auctioning this framed painting by artist Nora Sheridan, which was donated by one of our kind supporters.

Note that postage will be at your own cost if you cannot collect the painting (we can arrange to meet you in Cork county or may arrange for transport in other places in Ireland, but this might take longer).

Bidding starts at €10 and will end on the 20th at midnight.  To place your bid, please click here.

Painting Nora Sheridan

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