Fun(d)raising Online Auction

April 2013 Auction

Every month, Community Cats Network offers a new item for auction in order to help us to raise funds to continue our mission of neutering stray and feral cats.  The auction takes place on our Facebook page and bidding ends at midnight on the 15th of the month.  It is open to all; however, we may ask for postage when posting abroad.

This month, we have a print by a young Dublin artist, Sarah McCarthy.  The print is of one of her own sculptures and signed by the artist.  To take part in the auction, visit this link and place your bid under the photo.



2 replies on “April 2013 Auction”

Yes, we can help with doing TNR. However, we ask the carers of the cats (people who feed them) to cover for the vet bill or organise a fundraiser to pay for it. We are a voluntarily organisation and do not charge for our own time and services; we also get a discounted rate to have feral cats neutered.
The carers would have to contact us as we do not trap cats randomly, but get organised with the people who feed the cats.
Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to find out how a project could be organised.

trap/neuter/release.There are alot of stray cats in Fermoy Co. cork. They are having kittens which are still born or die after birth.
Can you help?

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