Photo Competition

November 2012 Photo Competition: The Shortlist

Every month, we run a photo competition.  Photos are posted on Facebook and the public can vote for their favourite.  The 4 photos with the most votes are shortlisted and submitted to a judging panel for final decision.

Here are the four shortlisted photos for November.  Their authors are in for a chance to win Catawall by Te Harrison-Best, a book of poems about cats.

Good luck to you and thanks to all who participated!

By Jo Stephens
By Jo Stephens

"Poppy with her Favourite Uncle" by Khrystyna Marriott
“Poppy with her Favourite Uncle” by Khrystyna Marriott
"Luka" by Jenni Carroll
“Luka” by Jenni Carroll


"Sputnick: Yum... Shoelace..." by Judy Fischer
“Sputnick: Yum… Shoelace…” by Judy Fischer


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