Cape Clear TNR Project

The Cape Clear Kittens

As we explained in our latest post on Cape Clear, the 1st part of our project was not totally over when we left.  We had to go back to pick up the three kittens that were too small to be neutered during our September expedition.

Tiny tortie
Tiny tortie

Although many of the cats looked a lot better than in September, our three kittens and Cassiopeia, the tabby kitten spayed in September, all had cat flu.  The four of them were brought back to the main land and driven straight to Glasslyn Vets, where they received medication.  It was decided that we should wait a few days before doing surgery on them, so that they would get stronger.

The little tabby who passed away.
The little tabby who passed away.

Sadly, the smaller tabby kitten, who hadn’t put on an ounce of weight since our last visit, did not improve and passed away three days later.  However, Ebony and Ivy overcame their illness and were spayed at the end of the week.  They stayed in the care of our volunteers for another week to regain total strength before being returned with Cassopeia to their home…

Back home!
Back home!

With these last kittens neutered, the first part of the project came to an end and we could begin focusing on the next part…

Please, consider supporting this project by donating here.  Every little helps and we, and the cats, would be much grateful for whatever small amount you could give to have the Cape Clear cats neutered.

You can view the full album of the 1st part of the project here.

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