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To Leo

This post is dedicated to  Leo, who wasn’t a Community Cat per se, but could have been one.  Leo came to live with me over a year ago, after he was found in some bushes, and never left.  Yes, I was a failed fosterer….  I had promised myself I would be strong, but on the day Leo was supposed to go to his new home, I just couldn’t let him go…

Leo took his place in my house, amongst the other cats.  Weirdly enough, all accepted him.  Leo was a quiet fellow, going about his business; he liked to go out wandering and come back home for a comfy sleep.  It took him ages to figure out hos to operate the cat flap, but once he had found out, it became the door to new adventures.

Leo was killed on the road last Wednesday.  This is the fate of so many cats, many of which will not even be missed.

There wasn’t much more I could have offered Leo.  He got love, he got food, he got a warm bed to sleep in.  Like all my other cats, Leo was free to live.  I’d like to think that he died happy.  

At least,  I know that Leo is gone now, that he is not struggling somewhere.  A kind person removed him from the road, thus preventing many cars from driving over him over, and over again.

Tonight, I am sad.  I miss Leo.  I know he is gone, which is better than not knowing, but the pain is there.  And then, I look at all the little ones who are here until they find a new home and I know I did the right thing with Leo.  I offered him a better life.  I don’t know why we do it; it’s our way to contribute to some better good – or I’d like to think so….  I could have kept him indoors, but Leo was free to come and go as he pleased.  There is always a risk, and unfortunately, Leo happened to be on that road at the wrong moment. 

At the moment, I feel the pain, but I know it will fade away.  This post is very selfish, it is a way to help me to bring some kind of closure, to help me to grieve.  There are so many other cats and kittens like Leo out there, waiting for someone to notice and love them.  I know many will not understand, but our cats are part of our families and we give them, and all the other cats out there, the same respect we would give a human being.

Tonight, I want to say goodbye to Leo. 

So, goodbye Leo.  You were very much loved, by me and by all who met you.  You will always have a place in my heart, but I must keep going on, even if it hurts.  Sleep tight Leo xx

4 replies on “To Leo”

Hi Em, First of all that is not a “selfish” post, if anything it shows what a huge heart you have. We all live in fear of the little ones going on to the road and seeing so many poor unlucky ones left lying there breaks my heart too. Be assured that you gave little Leo a beautiful life and his spirit will always hang around the place (I know because I sense our little George around every day – and Ellie in a way too even though I don’t know what happened her and still believe she will stroll in home some day).

Hi Em. So very sorry to hear the dreadful news about Leo. My heart goes out to you at this very sad time. He was such a gorgeous boy and I know how much you loved him. In time the pain will ease and you will be able to look back at your time together and smile. Take care. Cathy.

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