In memory of


Rest in peace Rocky.

I don’t know where you came from, nor what you went through, but you looked like you had been wandering all alone for some time.  When I went looking for you after Susan’s phone call, I found you resting in front of a house as if you were waiting for someone; however, this wasn’t your home and you looked so lonely.  You came straight to me when I called you and followed me back to Susan’s house.  You seemed to remember that she was the lady who gave you food the day before.  You were hungry, but had difficulties to eat.  Your fur was so matted that you had begun pulling it.  We put you in the pet carrier and I brought you to Sinead at the Cloyne Veterinary Clinic.

This morning, I came to see you as Sinead was going to sedate you to have a proper look at you.  Your mouth was in a bad state; you had bad gingivitis.  Before proceeding any further, Sinead tested you.  You tested positive to both FelLV and FIV.  No wonder you looked so miserable; you were probably suffering and slowly dying.  We relieved your pain.  It was a very sad moment, but we knew it was the nost humane thing to do for you.

I’m sorry you were so sick and we couldn’t help you more.  Susan, Sinead, Amy and I did what we could, but this wasn’t to be.  I hope you felt a bit loved in your last few days.

What pains me the most is that Rocky had probably once been a beloved pet.  He was wearing a collar that had become too big for him because he was so thin.  Rocky had probably been wandering for quite a while as the condition of his coat was the result of months and months of matting.  Until Susan moved where he was found, Rocky had gone unnoticed and had been badly fed.  We don’t know his history nor how he got there.  He had only been in that estate for a couple of weeks and we can only suppose that he got lost and went from place to place looking for a bit of food and love.  If it weren’t for Susan, Rocky would have probably been left dying on his own and in pain.

Rocky is now buried in a lovely spot facing the sea.  He has joined other companions, who, like him, would have been left rotting on the side of a road or in that quiet corner that they would have chosen to die, all alone…

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