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The Adventures of Marco and Polo in Brianland, part 3

The adventures of Marco and Polo in Brianland  seem to be never-ending!  That’s what happens when you have someone caring; the word goes around… 

In last episode, we left Brian as he was trying to socialise Marco, Polo’s brother.  The little family seems to have found its equilibrium.  Although Marco is still wary of Brian, he has become great friend with Polo.  As for Mom, she seems happy to live outside where she has her box to sleep.  She stays around and will make sure to remind Brian if he is late for dinner.

Marco and Polo enjoying life in Brianland

And then, another cat started to show up for food.  Brian had already seen him on previous occasions, but he thought he was a neighbour’s cat.  However, Brian realised that he might also be a feral and very possibly Marco and Polo’s dad.  Engine Dad, or Ed, as he calls him, began to be more regular.  However, unlike Mom, he would never hang around.

Engine Dad

Although Ed was not really a garden resident and would not even come every day, he started to come more regularly.  Brian thus decided to borrow the trap again and chance trapping Ed.

It wasn’t too much of a challenge as Ed was trapped on the second night of trapping.  Ed was neutered and checked at The Cat Hospital before being returned to his environment.  He’s kept his habits and comes whenever suits him and Brian obligingly gives him his dinner…

Engine Dad’s release (video)

The whole family seems now to be living in Brianland, although sporadically for some, and they have all be neutered, are fed and are living a better life than many ferals thanks to Brian.  I bet you that if you had told that to Brian six months ago, he would have probably laughed at you!

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