In memory of

Little Tom

Little Tom was a feral cat who was disregarded by humans all his life.  Nobody would look at him, nobody would care for him.  He was lonely, starving and cold.  Today, he just had enough with this world of indifference and decided to give up on life.

As I was at the Cloyne Veterinary Clinic this morning, a lady walked in asking Sinead if she could help as there was a cat on the carpark who wasn’t moving.  Was it a coincidence that I was there at this particular moment?  I went to the carpark and immediately spotted him, in the middle of the carpark.  A car would have actually had to swing to the left to avoid him.  A woman passed by and prodded him with her foot; she kept walking.  I bent down and wrapped the towel over him.  He didn’t move.  He didn’t struggle when I picked him up, but pushed a terrible cry of pain.  I held him close to me and brought him to Sinead.


I knew he was sick and I could sense his chances at a better life were slim, but we had to try.  Sinead examined him.  His gums were paled, his temperature was low, he was dehydrated and so skinny…  He was so skinny we could nearly circle his spine and his legs felt like they weren’t attached to his body anymore.  Sinead brought in a hot water bottle and put a drip on him; I petted him, trying to give him as much comfort as I could.

When Sinead carried him upstairs, Little Tom pushed another cry, a cry of death Sinead thought.  She made a bed for him and we put him there.  The little Shona , who was rescued only yesterday,was looking at us from the bottom cage asking for attention.

When I left, I didn’t know if I would see Little Tom again.  Sinead told me that she would try but that his body seemed shut down.

At 4 pm, Sinead rang me (thank you Sinead for giving him a chance, for doing all you could and for your compassion).  Little Tom’s situation wasn’t improving; if anything, it was getting worse.  He had given up on life and had decided he had fought enough and that his time had come.  He was put to sleep.

Little Tom probably lived a miserable life, but he was loved and received affection for the last four hours of his life.  However, this is not enough.  There is no reason why Little Tom shouldn’t have received a bit more compassion during his life.  He didn’t deserve it.

Please people, look around you and don’t ignore your ferals.  Offer them a bit of food, a warm shelter and whatever love you have to spare.

The look of hope

Shona was saved, Little Tom didn’t have her chance.  How many more like Little Tom will die this winter?

Their lives depend on you.

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{{{{{{{{{{Rita}}}}}}}}}} Sorry for you loss! I net you and your Fur Friend were close. May you find peaceof heart!

My heart breaks for poor wee Tom and the many thousands just like him. How tragic that he no longer wanted to stay in this cruel world. I hope in his next life he gets all the love every animal deserves. RIP Tom.

That was beyond sad….made me cry. I can never understand how people can just turn away and not help somehow. I had two cats that were abandoned in my apartment complex a few months ago and being an animal lover, I felt horrible for them. One was really friendly, the other extremely skittish. It also happened that the friendly one was pregnant. I couldn’t take them in due to a no pet policy where I live, but, I started putting food and water out for them, as it started getting colder, I put an old milk crate out with a blanket in it, but, I knew that would not be enough to keep them warm all winter long. So, I posted ads all over the internet, asked people, trying my best to find them homes. In the meantime, I continued to feed them, give them fresh water and milk and in time, the skittish one came to trust my son and I. I snuck them in my apartment for a few hours a day, to at least warm them up and felt horrible having to put them back out. I even went so far as to get litter and a litter pan, so, if it was way to cold, I could keep them in overnight. My neighbor ended up letting the friendly one take up refugee in his garage, where she birthed 5 healthy kittens. The neighbor was just going to dump the kittens at the pound and neglected the mother cat….left her so she could jump in and out of the garage while he took off for nights one end and let her wander around the neighborhood, unfixed so she’d have more kittens. She was extremely emaciated, even with me feeding her, sfilled with fleas and worms and she was always at my doorstep crying to come in all the time. I never gave up trying to find her, the ex-skittish cat and now the 5 kittens homes. I am happy to say that after all my time and dedication to try and assure these cats and kittens got the homes they deserved and not dumped off at a kill shelter, that, the mother cat and ALL her kittens and the ex-skittish cat ALL have good, loving, indoor homes. The mother cat has been spayed, gotten her fleas and worms taken care of, gotten all her shots, been microchipped and has been tested for feline leukemia, which came out negative and she has gained 4 pounds already. All her kittens have had their shots, had their fleas taken care of and are waiting to be old enough to get spayed and neutered and their all happy and content in their new homes. The ex-skittish cat was actually taken in by my mom is is now one of the friendliest and most behaved cats ever. Loves being on your lap, sleeping on the couch, or sleeping with my pug dog on a blanket on the floor.

As for Little Tom, my heart breaks for him….I don’t know how the one person walked by and just pushed him with her foot and didn’t bother to stop and see if he was still breathing and just walks past and I can’t believe noone helped the poor baby while he was here and show him some kind of love and compassion.

Now a few months ago I saw a feral cat roaming around behind my apartment building, but, he/she don’t come close enough for me to feed it and it only comes around maybe once a month, so, I’m wondering if it has a home, at least I’m hoping it does.

Ps by the time I could of prob borrowd enough money or raised the money even to possibly get him better care even he would of suffered too much while waiting with his organs shutting down abd him not able to hold food down so I’m prstty sure I had no other choice but to let them put him to sleep. The guy at the shelter was actially very nice and assured me that the kitty suffered no pain when they put him to sleep. Idk I just rem he seemed like he was really telling the truth and really cared fpr what I can rem due to it being so long ago and who knows maybe iny head it was so fckn sad to me maybe my mind blocks some of that memory out of it too cuz maybe it doesn’t want me to rem a lot of it. All I do know is it was like my worst nitemare of seeing what hell must look like!!!

I had tears down my face once fckn agai after reading this tragedy about yet another innocent loving lil soul that did no wrong yet was born into this cruel world. I’ve helped ones jus like this b4 that were so thin and scared and weak by getting them finally to get in my car then running into a market buying it tuna and milk and letting it eat then have diarhia all over in my car on a towel cuz they were so out of wack from starvation, then sat with it on my lap holding it loving it deeply telling it I’m so sorry, crying for jours hplding it petting it asking God to plrase help him with all my heart and soul then petting it more then letting it rest in my car woth a blanket and more food going out there every few hours. Holding it and crying and begging God ahain to help.It was looking up in my eyes saying thank you and I hate to take it to the city shelter vet asking for help if he could be aved and I had no money really and the vet told me even if I had money it prob wont help but that the cat wasn’t that old and seemed to want to live so hrd try and gave it an Iv of fluids etc etc and the next day when I got off work and went there he said there was just too much damage to his body amd he couldn’t hold down any food and his organs were all failing so he had to put him to sleep so he wouldn’t suffer so with tears then and now again rem it at least on my deathbed God knows I tried for that lil guy with everything I had. Shame on the ppl who didn’t give a fck about him. The Vet told me at least he got loved and u gsve him that in his final hours that he knew and felt loved by someone. I rem now clearly. I had saw him under omepnes car at the front of their home in their driveway while goung back to my car after I had parked there or actually I think I was just tirning around on that street looking for an addresss for a job application potential job, its been along time so its hard to rem exactly but I do rem seeing him under a car in their driveway ad he looked so sick and I thought omg wuts wrong with that kitty and got out of my car and walked over to jim and I think he meowed the sickest meow I’ve ever heard to me so I said hi kitty and kneeled down to his level and his eyes were sunken deep in ans I said kitty wuts wrong there and at first for a sec he was scared but then he came slowly in my arms right away and he was so. Fckn thin I almost. Shit my pants and said outbloud omfg who the hell could do this to you and I knewhe was telling me he was soooo sick and dying to please just help him sumhow and I held him tightly but so gently in my lap n drove slowly but was crying so hard and shicked from seeing him and feeling just bones that’s it only bones that I could barely think straight so I saw the market and pulled in and could barely contain myself in the store.. I think I had sunglasses on thankfully and grabbed two cans of tuna that pop off top kind and a thing of milk and went right back to my car and fed him right on my lap. He ate then I think after a few mins he through up some on my pants I cried but didn’t give a fck. He wouldn’t leave my lap. I stayed in my car with him for like 5 hours crying amd feeding him more and holding him and put like my jacket around him for warmth and he started purring and I thinkvhe licked my hand abd I cried some more abd screamed to God how could this happen?? I said whoever did this to him u mfkers shall rot in hell forever pls Lord my savior see to it!!! I held him and gently rocked him and I think I sang something to him or tried to without crying to much. I went home it was dark went pee and got back in my car and held him another few hours and I think fed him more and we fell asllep and fed him a lil more when I woke up again he had diarhia on that towel so I got something clean in my house to wrap him in amd cried to myself but told him it was ok and that’s when I knew I had to take him for mrdical energency care cuz he wasn’t holsung down foid really. He was orange n white bones but beautiful as an angel to me and now I rem that terrible terrible sad day and well cuz of lil Tom thought of him now and know I tried and gave him all the love inside me all day n nite and. GOD WATCH OVER ALL THE SWEET BABIES AMEN!!

peace be with you little prince HOPE you are free ❤ xo

To those humans who poked and ignored poor little tom may karma come a knocking at your doors and make you ALL SUFFER!!!, Would you have done this if tom was a human?, More then likely you would , animals matter too, DON'T ignore them, help them out, they help us humans out in time's of need about high time us humans repaid these loving kind animals by giving them back lot's of love and respect. I saved a kitten from deaths door, was lucky i was at the place at the right time poor wee dear i named him brave 'cos he was brave, vets kept thanking me for saving him as they said if it hadn't been for me the kitten would've died from cold. He went on to a loving forever home. Just PLEASE humans respect the animals ços afterall they ARE our family and friends, so, stand up and speak out and protect them from those evil cowards out their. Thank you to the kind humans who helped wee tom, in his own little way just know that he loves you and apprecaited all that you did for him ❤

Is Feline Leukemia a bit problem where you are? I did feral cat work many years ago working with several FeLV colonies. The cats only went downhill when they became terminally ill. We trapped >65 cats and kittens. Got everyone spayed and vaccinated and returned the neutered queens and toms to their territory, but placed all of the kittens. Cats generally congregate where there is food, so while Tom’s story is very sad, I have to wonder if he wasn’t fighting a different form of life threatening battle?

Poor little Tom x I had to put my 1yr old cat to sleep a feww weeks ago, and am still grieving. I would have taken Tom in. Sleep in Peace Tom, I will look after you when we meet in heaven x

The woman who ‘saw fit’ to nudge Little Tom as he lay dying on the sidewalk should be totally ashamed of herself, as should anyone else who is so horribly indifferent and uncaring to suffering. My heart breaks for the suffering Little Tom had to endure, and to all the other animals who also suffer horribly, often at the hands of humans. There are though many, many good people who have a sense of decency, integrity and caring and who would never turn a blind eye to any animal’s suffering. I would go out of my way to help any animal in need and could never be as cold-hearted, callous and vile as the woman who nudged and ignored the dying Little Tom. Shame on her and others like her. As for Little Tom, RIP little guy and you’re in a better place. This world let you down horribly but you’re at rest now.

I cry for little Tom, I would have given him the lvoe and attention he so richly deserves. Poor, poor baby, what a brave little man. I have sent you a donation from Australia which i would like you to specifically use for the feral kitties over there. Thank you, God Bless you for caring and RIP little Tom, you were beautiful and now you are at peace, in a place where no-one can ever hurt you & where there is no pain….

I rescued a feral cat with her 3 kittens. We lost two of the kittens – they were like little skeletons. One has now gone to a wonderful indoor only home. Mum cat stayed with me despite striking me through a crate into my head – if she didn’t strike (hard and accurate) she would bite (again hard). It took me 2 years but she is one of the best and affectionate cats I have. She loves attention and even tries to groom me. She would never really bite me. Some of the ferals are just needing love and time.

I came across this sad story through a blogg in Sweden dedicated to ferals. As a volounteer at a cat shelter (no-kill policy) I see these suffering little ones on a daily basis. Whenever I have a chance to capture them, I do so.
Please, support your local shelter with wathever means you have. This is the only chance for abandoned/wild born cats to get the life they deserve. A life as loved family members.

R.I.P. Little Tom (and all those who never ever even got four hours of love and affection)

Please everyone share this story and maybe by doing that someone may help a poor kitty like Tom in some way if they pass one by. Tears down my face bad couldn’t even see for a couple mins here. If people only could know that by helping kittys like this in some way as much and when they could, that all of a sudden positive things happen to them in their lives instead of the usual negative results that come their ways when thry don’t do what is there duty as a decent human being to help and defend who cannott protect themselves in our world!!! People do some good deeds and then pay notice to the nice results of things that come yur way, I kid u not people!!!!

I love you Tom, you are a good boy!! I hope that you are enjoying your time in the spirit world. I hope that your transition was swift with little confusion. I see your life was not at all wasted for you roused the sentiments of caring people, hopefully moving many more to action either direectly by volunteering at, or indirectly by donating to local TNR and feral management groups. I can see that you were a gorgeous guy.

I’d like to thank all the people who have posted comments. I am touched by the kindness and heartened to know that so many people do actually care and are doing something to help the plight of feral or abandoned cats. I believe that eventually all people will recognise that we are part of this world, not superior to it, but stewards of it, with an obligation to pass it on in good order to succeeding generations.
As I write this I am surrounded by 20 rescue cats and kittens that myself and my wife are fostering. We have 6 rescue cats of our own. All the cats are neutered and will be sent on to forever homes when we have found suitable ones. We don’t just ‘give’ these cats away. They are precious to us and deserve to go to a caring household. Em, who wrote the ‘Little Tom’ blog has 15 rescue cats that she is fostering. There are many others out there tonight actively engaged in the rescue of cats, dogs, and yet more who are feeding strays and ensuring they have warm shelters to sleep in. There is a quiet, humane revolution, occurring right under society’s nose, and it is getting bigger. Em picked up little Tom off the cold tarmac of the carpark, wrapped him in a towel and brought him to a vet that adores cats. The little guy was surrounded by love and care as he drifted off into that final sleep.
It is easy to despair in the face of seemingly overwhelming cruelty. But to give in to the negative, is to surrender to evil. Once any of us give up then the bad guys have won. Who will stand with us? Who will carry the Humane Revolution forward and take the fight to the bad guys?

This breaks my heart and brings back painful memories. I feed the feral cats in my neighborhood. I have a make shift shelter on my back porch. I’ve rescued many, found homes for kittens before they got too wild. With the help of my step sister, i’ve caught the ones I can and got them spayed or neutered. But a few years ago someone put out antifreeze and killed many. Some I was able to get to my vet and he wanted to save them. He didn’t want to believe they were being poisened. But, a time came when he had to admit it. He never charged me once. The ones I couldn’t take due to the hours my vet had, I just sat with them and pet them. Knowing that for all of them the only love they would feel was in dying. Yes, I did feed them and shelter them, but I also wanted them to know real love. That is why I do my best to catch them and fix them, so no more babies will be born into this cruel world. Tom, you are with all my babies in heaven. I know now that you feeling and recieving love.

Where I live in NC we have such a large number of feral and stray cats that it’s out of control, and despite the fact that I know many people, inlcuding myself, who have spayed/neutered and feed as many cats as we each possibly can, there are always new cats showing up. I’m at my financial limit with 9 cats (2 of them ferals); fortuantely I was able to find homes for a number of kittens over the years because I certainly could not afford to take care of all the cats that have shown up around my place.

It’s just financially impossible for any of us to feed all of them, much less have them all spayed/neutered/vetted. We have no feral cat programs, most of our local vets don’t care or offer to help with ferals and strays, and even at low cost s/n clinic rates none of us can afford to fix every cat that comes along, or even feed every cat that comes along.

It’s just very sad and I try not to think about all the unfortunate cats that don’t have food or shelter because if I think about them too much I’d be too depressed. I’d like to feed them all and get them all fixed, but I just can’t afford to, and neither can any of my friends. Everyone I know who rescues cats is already well over their limits.

I have rescued so many animals in my life. Some have stayed with me, some I found safe and loving homes for, some I had to stay with as the vet sent them to a better life by taking away their pain forever. In my heart I believe this is what I was meant to do. I stop to help the scared dogs or cats who cannot find their way or to move an animal from the road who has been run over by the careless unheeding person who deliberately ran it over or did not see it because they were on their cell phone or whatever. How can a human walk by a helpless creature? Is mankind really the higher species? Who is more forgiving…man or beast? I will forever be there for those who cannot speak out against the injustice done to them.

Show kindness and do good,….and they shall all come back to U someday,…..Where there’s a good action,…there’ll be an equal positive reaction which will bounce back to U. That’s also the simple Law of Physics,…

this is just so sad,how can anyone watch an innocent creature suffer,i dont even like to see an insect suffer.
2 years ago someone dumped a beautiful siamese in my neighborhood,in the middle of january,luckily it doesnt snow here,but it can become quite cold at night,i fed him and sat with him and talked to him while he ate,he never let me pet him,but he didnt run away from me either,i named him mystery,after a few weeks i noticed he was losing alot of weight,but he was to smart for a trap,as i came home one night i saw him laying in the road,my heart sank as i thought he was hit,but he wasnt he was just to weak to move,i rushed him to the er vet where we had to put him down as he had a severe blockage,someone really loved this poor cat at one time,he was microchipped,and he had a cute collar on,the number had been disconnected,now i have another one that showed up 2 days after i put mystery down a torti,we feed her and she has 3 shelters around my house

I cried, too, Jerry. And, I agree with you that humans don’t care about anything but themselves. It’s very sad. That’s why I stay away from most people and why I help animals whenever I can. This didn’t have to happen to this poor baby.Good for you for doing everything you can to help animals. The world is better off because people like you are in it. Jamie

What happened to this little guy is sad and preventable. Every creature has the right to have a great life. He was cheated! It is time to show love and compassion to our four legged animals.

the same happened to me, i take in strays all the time, me and my neighbour look after @ 20, i have them spayed and vaccinated when we can catch them, 3 live with me now, all day my door is open and the cats just come and go, some have a bite to eat, some have a nap in the sun, some just want to sleep on your lap, i don’t mind, it’s getting cold here now i have a house outside which usually fills up, with the older cats cuddling the younger ones, my neighbour usually ends up with @ 10 on her bed, but she dosn’t mind either, why someone will just leave a cat lying there in bad shape and do nothing to help is beyond my comprehension, some people are just plain worthless and selfish

This is very sad. My wife and I take care of some of the ferel cats around our Apt. complex. We took in a cat around Dec. 6 and we had to turn her over to a local vet that had connections with the local rescue. She was eating us out of house and home. I looked at my wife and said we have to do something. She told me she called the police and they would meet her at the vet’s. She asked it I wanted to come with her and I said NO. I cried when she walked out the door.


So sad. I had a feral cat at my workplace for several years, I fed him 6 days a week for years and he never let me touch him, but I talked to him and he was always happy to see me or the food and water.
I now have three ferals living on my deck , all three fat and healthy, and neutered/spayed. I`d love to bring them in, but they are extremely unhappy if they stay in more than a few hours, guess after a year + they still have too much feral in them, plus I`m afraid for my three indoor cats, so I keep them separated, I hate to see an unwanted animal, breaks my heart.

this made me cry and I still am.. what has gotten into the people of this world.. I can’t believe a woman walking passed the cat just poke him with the tip of her shoe and walks on like she didn’t care.. if it would of been me I would put him in my jacket to warm him up and take him to a place that could of helped him.. this breaks my heart, it just sucks the way some people are these days.. may little tom RIP sorry the world was a nasty, bitter place to you far as you knew, not all humans are like that

It’s unbelievable how sometimes guys ignore such pleas… It’s heartbreaking to see such an innocent creature living in a such terrifying state… if only could persons recognise in human ways the love that these animals profoundly give.. The story of stray animals is the same scenario for each place in the world, even here in Malta… RIP little tom.. you deserved much much better 😦

I read the story of this poor forgotten animal and my eyes were filled with tears as it touches not only four legged as well as the 2 legged ones in our lives that we refuse to take any time or compassion to look after.

I consider it a gift from God that I look at animals in a different way than others, they have always been my connection moreso than people as they do not have the issues and pride that get in the way. This is not to say that I neglect the needs of all living things, I just have always been naturally empathetic to animals. It is a sad state of affairs in our world when those who need love and attention the most are ignored as “just another animal” and we poke at them with the toe of our shoe to gauge or action or inaction. To pit my money where my mouth is I have 9 cats, 2 dogs, a pot bellied pig and a desert tortoise and all of them are rescues either from a shelter or an individual who had lost interest. One of my dogs was taken from death row in Atlanta and flown to California and she is an integral part of the whole “ark” in place. We have our own society, our bonds and it gives one insight into helping others who cannot help themselves.

I count myself as blessed that I am part of their lives, they give me such joy everyday and I could never put a price on any of them as to how far I will go to care for them. If i had seen this cat, as I have many others I will stop and feed them, care for them and try my best to help in anyway I can. If I see a dead animal on the street I will stop and remove the body. If a feral cat comes into my yard I admit I will put out food for them and try to give them as much of a chance as I can, to show them that they are loved. God Bless the people who gave this cat their hearts and their time, they shared love and compassion while others could not be bothered.

I have been feeding and caring for ferals for about 3 years now. I care for them and feed them and water them twice a day. In the winter, I provide shelter and hay and blankets in a house I have for them. I have their bowls placed under our picnic table on the deck that is covered with plastic that is stapled there so they have a dry place to eat and sit out of the wind and weather with hay underneath the table as well.

If you were to see my sweet angels they are fat and happy and healthy. There are no injuries from fighting. Out of the 12 that I feed on a regular basis, I do have my favorites who look for me when I come out in the morning….they are my regulars which is usually 3 or 4. They are my angels, they have names and the 3 or 4 that let me pet and love them come when their names are called. I can’t imagine not caring for them, I can’t imagine someone not caring for them. We are all Gods creatures no matter what our path and we must care for each other.

Its so sad that this happened to little Tom. I try and keep my ferals back in the yard with us, they go off on their own of course, but at least they go to the woods and not the road. I have 2 that never leave the deck, they are always there….my angels.

God bless those of you who care for these beautiful creatures. I could go on and on about how much I loves these babies….but I think Ive gotten my message across. We can’t let this happen, it doesn’t take much to love, does it?

First I just want to say thank you for giving her love in the end. She felt it. I have been taking care of and have 2 ferrel cats that have a forever home with me. And 1 that stays in our garage … my husband even built her a shelter! With a heater I might add! 🙂
Its heart warming to know there are still people like yourself who reach out to these poor animals in need. Someday I hope everyone will follow in our foot steps. But until then I will continue to give love to any that may come my way. Thanks again for all you do.<3


Like Tammy ,I am from the states (New Hampshire ) and am very fortunate to live in a community whose city shelter is No Kill and also runs a TNR program for ferals with the help of other rescues.The involvement of the shelter helps to ensure that the cats are not only fed and sheltered outside, they are also vetted and fixed.Great measures are taken to re-home kittens and some of the “friendlier” adult cats.Abuse of ferals is not tolerated either as our Animal Control officer works closely with the rescues and public education is such that it is known not to be acceptable(not that it doesn’t still happen on occasion). I can understand the desperation and saddness that is felt by all who give of their heart to animals but please take hope in the fact that it is possible to make your community the place you feel it should be.Don’t give up the beautiful things you are doing for the less fortunate 4 legged members of your society!

So very sad! My heart goes out to stray cats and dogs. Everytime I come across a stray I try and give it some comfort, it is so unfortunate.

I am struck with the saddest awe. I have a cat and can see it smile with every chin scratch. This poor cat has no look of ever knowing a smile. I hope she is at peace.

I don’t understand the cruelty people are capable of. They think animals outside don’t starve or freeze to death. They think cats/dogs can revert back to being wild and can fend fine for themselves. I am so sorry Little Tom. I wish I could have helped you. We all love you little man. This is exactly why I will always put out a box with hay in it wherever I see a stray and feed them.If I can catch them and they are tame, I will find them a home, If they are feral, I will find them some place like a farm or a sac
sanctuary to live on for the rest of their lives.

We have a feral cat in our area – and every night I put out some kibbles and any left over food for it. It cost’s me nothing more than a little compassion – – (the kibbles I buy for my cat and the left overs would go to the bin and trust me – he seems to eat anything and everything). Come on people – how much effort does it take to show a little kindness? 2minutes out of your day can change a life – if we all did something small each day – how much better would this world be!

I m crying for little innocent Tom. It is so sad. However, I am glad he felt a bit of love and caring those last hours. Now his soul is free, and I hope he senses the love sent to him by so many people around the world. God bless him and bless the angels who fought for him.

Before I went to Petloss, I dreampt of the Rainbow Bridge. I prayed for reassurance that two Cats that were taken by my Ex (who could not care for herself properly. She was suffering from P.T.S. and would black ouT She almost twisted the tail of on of the cats when she blackout! I was given the dream that both cats were waiting for me across a rainbow bridge. I have no dout that it is real.

Poor little Tom! That is such a sad story! I like to think that after death, we, as spirits are healthy and fit. We also meet our loved ones again, and that includes animals we have looked after and loved. Neglected children or animals, always make me so sad.

And this tiny one is the reason that I have and will continue to feed, water, catch, neuter/spay and release…..with the goal being able to tame as many as possible, and spoil ALL I can!!! Lord, bless Your precious Creation.

Bless you for the time you took. At least Tom knew some small good before he left our earth that let him down.

I have saved and helped too many ferrels to count. Very rarely did I find one that did not long for a human of their own. My vet of over 13 years still marvels at the about-face I produce in the skinniest, palest, fiercest ferrels. They are not alone by choice, they are alone because not enough people care about them to offer them an option. Little Tom reminds me of my late Dusty, who was not a ferrel but was born from one (who I tamed and who turned into the prettiest mamma kitty ever (Sasha)). RIP, Little Tom.

My heart and soul hurts so badly when I see a story like Little Tom’s…there are too many stories like this…my family is always saying to me, “you cannot save the world,” well, I try little by little, and put animals way above most humans…

How very nice and how true all your words, People don’t seen to care for ferals , so don’t feed nothing, just want them to move on,, I love them and have fed fed them in allies for ten years, of course I had trapped and had them all vaccinated, and fixed, and some where I lived at the time came to my house and I let them move in, and they were the BEST cats I ever had,,So grateful..for everything, It would give me a lump in my throat when I would see them snuggle in their soft warm bed and they knew now they were safe,, such a great feeling…=^..^=

Millions and millions of years of evolution brought that cat to the world, for what? A few years of degrading misery and pain. Poor cat. I do like your ending, though, a cry for people to get involved a bit, to show that we’ve – some of us – evolved at least that much.

I took into my garage 4 feral cats, 2 boys & 2 girls, that are brothers and sisters. Never having had female cats before I didn’t know the girls were pregnant until they actually were days away from having their litters. Each female had 5 kittens each; 2 girls and 3 boys!! Instead of throwing everyone out we took the kittens into the house the day they were born along with the mom’s until the kittens were 12 weeks old. The original 4 are still in the garage, not even interested in going back outside after being ‘fixed’. They are all the food they could ever want, a screen door to look out of, a cat perch tower, blankets, treats, a window seat with towels on it, fresh water and their very own heater. The kittens are all inside, healthy and rambunctious! All the boys have been fixed, so no more kittens. When I get enough funds I will get the girls fixed. People think I am ‘the crazy cat lady’, but I cannot even imagine putting these beautiful beings outside. They are all socialized, but no one has been the least bit interested in adopting them (which is just fine with my daughter). In my neighborhood alone, there are 3 feral colonies that I know of, and I’m sure there are more since people think it’s okay to dump cats out in the country. I try to do my part. Even if I am called names.

I can’t see being very Merry at this time of year or any other.For animals on the street-and there is one all warm and comfy sitting by me-I made a mad dash to capture her and ever since,6 years later Layla has been ever so greatful.Little Tom’s story is the story of every cat on the street wether in a “shelter” or rescue.People continue to buy things they don’t need and languish in selfishness.We really haven’t evoled as a species,have we?

I have at this time several ferals. Hoping to get them all fixed but they are fed, watered, and sheltered 🙂 they didnt ask to be born but they do deserve to be treated with love and compassion. I dont understand how people can be so cruel to an animal that didnt ask for the life that was thrown at them. I have all rescues and wouldnt trade them for the world..even those at first unloving and scared ferals who actually when given a chance are some of the sweetest

Jim, your words were so touching and kind and sweet. So much of what you said have been thoughts and feelings of mine for years. I ache for these sweet, sentient ones who’s only voice is ours and who depend on us for everything they need and deserve. I often wonder where the disconnect is with human beings…the woman who prodded this poor cat with her shoe, yet chose to do nothing and merely walk away. Yet there are those who do the compassionate, moral and right thing by being an example and doing what they can to ensure these little angels have a bit of hope, peace, care and love while on this earth. It is my hope, prayer and wish that we all remember and watch out for these sentient ones who are so desperate for a morsel of food, a warm touch, and a tender heart. And Mr. Dwyer , you also mentioned one of my favorite pieces of scripture, “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.” Let us all remember that this holiday season and always.

There’s a feral kitty that lives in our neighborhood. My two tammys have access to the garage and he has figured out how to use the cat door. He eats their food and sleeps in one of their extra beds. I do not know if its a girl or boy, but I make sure there is extra food for him and an extra bed. I think I’ve been doing a good job with him cause he’s nice and plump looking and has a beautiful coat. And best news is I got him to be relaxed nine feet away from me! 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll be able to pet him without him being terrified! 😀

i feed feral cats and what i have to put up with from the neighbors is disgusting it really makes me sick that these people go to mass but yet they can threaten an innocent defenseless animal by saying they will club them to death or poison them very sick people, such a sad story on little tom.

It is sad that people get animals and then leave them, don’t spend any time with them. I agree with Karen, I have 2 cats of my own. One was headed to the animal shelter because the guy that had him didn’t want him anymore yet never spent any time with him. I have had him for 7 years and he goes everywhere with me. His name is Otis. He arrived at my home when I had 2 other cats. So from a year old he had a brother and sister to play with. His older brother and sister have since passed of old age but we went to the animal shelter and adopted a female kitten named Molly. So Otis has a sister again. They are both spoiled and are so loved. Otis and Molly also have a canine brother Jack who we got from a pet store. He looked so sad. Jack will be 5 next week and to say that he is not spoiled too would be a lie. A week and a half ago I got a message from my sister that Kody a siberian Huskey that used to be her neighbours dog and then her husband’s cousins was headed for the animal shelter. Well Kody didn’t make it to the animal shelter because he is now here with us. Jack who is also a siberian Huskey now has another brother and playmate for all that rough and tumbling he does in the snow. If I had the space and money I would also adopt all the animals at the local shelter. I feel so bad for them. We do get a stray in the summer months come by our house that we leave food out for. I just wish that everyone would take some time and look around at all the strays we do have and those that just get dumped on the side of the road. It is just too sad. The story of Little Tom made me cry. I believe he is in a better place now and is happy and getting the love and attention that he didn’t get in life.

Reading this just broke my heart…Poor little Tom is in a better place now..RIP little guy xx About 2 years ago I found a little cat hiding under my car in a car park-she was a tiny little thing & I couldnt leave her. In the end I couldnt keep her but landed out to my parents with her…she was a very ill little kitty & in the end she had to be put to sleep..that broke my heart but at least I know we tried 😥

I loved and cared for a colony of cats at a MHC I lived in for a short two years. I hesitate to call them a “feral colony” as they were, most of them at one time someone’s pet. They were beautiful, intelligent, and lacking love and human companionship. After only a short time two of them became permanent residents at my home. Mama Smoke and her baby NayNay, and Petey, my love. They were both two years and under, and Mam Smoke’s baby was only 2 months old. There was Little Bit, Baby Sister, Smudge, Little Sister, Smokie, Pretty Girl and every day they and others came twice a day to my home to eat and get water and if I sat with them, they would come to me for scritches and petting and gentle words. Unfortunately I ahd to leave this community as they said I violated the terms of my lease agreement by feeding the “wild animals”. They went out of their way to trap and take the cats to the dog pound to be euthanized. If I saw them or someone let me know about it, I would go at night and let them out of the traps. I felt they deserved better than to be put to sleep for something that was not their fault! I continue to care for cats where I currently live, unfortunately there are so many cats out there without homes, at the apartments where I currently live there is a colony of about 20 of them. Between myself and two other people we feed them three times a day in the winter. They have shelter thanks to one of the other folks she built them an insulated house to sleep in. I worry about them constantly, and I still worry about the cats at the MHC. I know there is a man that lives there that continues to feed them but no one sits down with them and gives them love and shows them compassion. Petey and Mama Smoke and her baby were taken to the Michigan Humane Society Adoption Headquarters to give them a second chance at a great new life. They were scared, and not at all friendly to the workers, so they deemed them unadoptable and 1 1/2 days after they were signed over to them they put all of them including the baby to sleep. I still cry for them, I miss them very much and would NEVER take another animal to the Humane Society, nor do I donate to them in any way.
I pray for all of the people who so callously discard their pets like yesterdays trash; God said:

“Vengeance is Mine, and retribution, In due time their foot will slip; For the day of their calamity is near, and the impending things are hastening upon them.”
Deuteronomy 32:35

Some would call it Karma, what goes around comes around!

What evil lurks in the human heart That causes us to Proclaim our love of God and then commit the very atrocities That God condemns? Is it not clear in the Scriptures of all faiths that hate begets hate, terrorism begets terrorism , and vengeance begets vengeance?

I would have picked him up and taken him to a vet. I would have made sure everything was done that could be done, and I would have made the final choice if there was no other.

All of my cats are rescues, and many have faced similar circumstances.

It doesn’t take a lot to be kind to an animal. But it does highlight our innate cruelty when I see articles like this. Most people do walk by because it’s easier than taking a risk on a dying animal.

So sad to read this, and I’m glad to know that someone gave Tom a few moments of love and compassion.

Thank you for sharing this with us.

This is so sad that Little Tom life was so horrible that it just gave up. Little Tom humans can be cruel, and they can love, you got the bad ones. but at the end, you had the good humans that love a lot. R.I. P. LITTLE TOM.

I will never understand the cold souls of so many people. I leave food and water on the off chance some wandering soul comes by. I’ve had many strays (ferals too ) come to live with me. I cannot turn them away, If they come to me they will be fed and given a safe warm place.

This poor little baby…..I’m so sorry you had a hard life…..You deserved so much better.. RIP little guy…..

I live in the country in NC. My neighbors through the woods moved last Summer and left their barn cats behind (feral). They migrated to my sheds and I have fed them ever since. They have a barn with lots of huge hay bales in it. They do not go hungry. One of them was very little when they came over here and I have brought him inside. He’s so prissy and loving…lol. We do not have a lot of money but there is a feral cat assistance rescue here and when tax time rolls around again I am having them all spayed/neutered. They will live out the rest of their days here on my land and won’t have to worry about not having a place to sleep or anyone to feed them. They get attention too, maybe not petting and such, but I talk to them and they follow me around the yard sometimes… a distance. I wish there were more places out there for feral cats…rescues who could take some and work with them. I am so sorry about Little Tom not making it, but you’re right. He did die knowing love at last. Thanks for looking out for the feral babies out there. Hugs from NC.

I am very saddened to read about this baby boy that had such a horrible life with no one to show him any love and affection. I have several babies of my own and put a fresh bowl of food and water out on the porch EVERY DAY just for the feral kitties around my neighborhood specifically for this reason. I would rather have every kitty on my porch with full bellies and a loving hand ready to pet all that wasn’t too scared to get close, then to see them roaming the neighborhood with empty bellies and no one to show them love. I’m sorry little Tom had to live that kind of life, I wish he would have had someone there for him. RIP baby boy.

This is so sad. As a volunteer at a local animal shelter, it breaks my heart to see all the abandoned dogs and cats. I do what I can to help by fostering, walking dogs, adopting dogs, collecting donations, getting financial donors, as well as building houses for feral cats. If everyone could just give a little it would make such a huge difference in the life of an abandoned or feral animal. Maybe the next time you are at the grocery store, you may be able to get a bag of dog or cat food for the local animal shelter. Perhaps you have extra blankets you don’t use. They would be so useful to keep the dogs warm.

I’m a man, 65 years old and as I read the story of Little Tom I was waiting for a happy ending. I cried like a child. I’m still crying because the sad truth is humans don’t care about much of anything except themselves.
I rescue animals, contribute money to animal welfare and do animal related volunteer work. The problem is, it’s never enough. For every story with a happy ending, for which I am eternally grateful, there are too many endings like Little Tom.
The world misses you Little Tom, although very few realize it. I’m sorry little fella. I’m so sorry we let you down.

I wouldn’t have walked on by, little Tom’s of the world get all the compassion I have in my heart. RIP Tom. I’m sorry humans were so cruel to you. Only your very last minutes did any human ever show you an ounce of compassion, for this I am ashamed to be counted among them and for them I sincerely apologize. The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it. Author Albert Einstein

when i read this story i actually cried it was so sad poor little tom he was lovely R I P little tom xx

That had me bawling my eyes out so so sad it breaks my heart to see all these poor animals been abused how people can be so cruel is beyond me but to understand them would to be like them and i never could be.

I will never understand anyone animal lover or not walking by little Tom and not to show any compassion.,He would of had such a hard life it physically pains me to think about him.,Thankyou for being there in his last moments.

The poor, poor baby. My daughter and I have spent many years feeding ferals and giving them vet. treatment etc. I was always amazed at the public and our so called celebs in SA.They would spend hundreds of rands on theatre tickets (This colony was next to the State theatre in Pta) but not give a tin of cat food.Or the ones stuffing their faces at lunch hour on the benches in full view of the ferals.
Most of these could kick start a boeing they are so overweight so rather giving a few rands from their lunch money would make a little hungry feral very happy. Lynne Guateng

Whenever possible I feed ferals – I have to hide the food dish so my husband doesn’t see it on my deck…he is very selfish. I put it under the bar-b-que cover and they find it. I even feed racoons & opposums and of course birds.

I would have loved this boy. He looks like my Junior who is an ex feral and is now the most loving boy. RIP little one. Perhaps when we cross the bridge I can look after you there

This is such a sad story, but I’m so glad at least this poor little guy didn’t have to die alone out on the streets. Thank you so much for caring for him in his last hours.

Absolutely heartbreaking. I have two cats of my own and they are spoiled rotten, just as all cats (and other animals) should be. If I could take in all the unloved and neglected, I would! Pity a lot of others don’t seem to care at all.

One of the most distressing aspects of animal rescue is the physical condition of a dying rescue cat. Their bodies show the marks, familiar to rescue people, of a life lived with starvation, illness, neglect, and public indifference. We are often called to the scene of a reported case merely to act as ‘Rubbish Collectors’ to dispose of an unsightly cat or dog that is causing offence to ‘The Public’
All we can do is pick up the cat or the dog and take it to the nearest vet for the final insult. A lethal injection that will release the unfortunate animal from this world of pain.

It takes enormous compassion, gigantic reservoirs of it, to accompany some unfortunate animal on it’s final journey. All you can really do is stand by, stroking the animal, trying to offer some solace to it while your mind and senses rebel at the thought that this is yet another easily preventable death.
But you are also attempting to comfort yourself or, perhaps, shield yourself, against the images of callousness that such PTSs represent. Little Tom’s final days were the culmination of years of neglect and public apathy. As he lay dying a woman passerby saw fit to nudge his battered body with the toe of her shoe before walking on. How long had he been there, dying from unknown injuries and hypothermia on one of the coldest nights of the year?

Sometimes when I am faced with a situation like this that defies any notion of Gods or divine mercy, I ask myself is there any justice or love left in the hearts of human beings or are we all condemned through our massive indifference and lack of empathy for other living creatures.

But then I remember the mother and daughter in my old home town who, in the face of public derision, daily fed and cared for the feral cats that thronged the mills and warehouses that ran parallel to the river. They that possessed the least gave their most to look after what was regarded as little different to rats. When the mother died her daughter continued the daily routine of caring for feral cats until the authorities decided she was mentally unfit and put her somewhere where she could not continue to shame the public by her compassion.

Many animal rescue people try to comfort themselves from the daily horror they see by believing in the Rainbow Bridge where deceased cats await the arrival of their human companions or wild cats await the rescue volunteers who will take them onwards. This is a beautiful image. The meadow before the bridge is filled with sweet grass where the cats gambol, free from hunger, pain, and fear. As human companions appear in the meadow, individual cats run to them and together they cross the Rainbow Bridge. When a rescuer appears entire groups of wild cats run to join them and they too cross the bridge.

I prefer to think of the image of the Mother and Daughter and their love for the unwanted, the abandoned, and the dying. For it brings to mind a piece of the gospels, so often preached, and always ignored. “So as you do this for the least of my creatures. You do it for me” I believe it was Jesus who said that.

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