About us

Community Cats Network is a registered charity promoting the welfare of community cats and the benefits of TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return).  It was formed in April 2012 by a group of cat lovers dedicated to improving the conditions of life of feral and stray cats.

Our primary activity is TNR as we believe that it is the only humane solution to control the cat population.  Our primary consideration is the welfare of feral and stray cats.  We believe that unless there is an obvious danger to the welfare of the cat, ferals should remain in their environment.

Community Cats Network endeavours to work closely with communities in promoting the importance of neutering for feral cats and their role in the community, as well as in the organisation of TNR projects.  We thus offer support and advice on the various aspects of living with community cats.  We also provide our services in all stages of the organisation and the carrying out of TNR projects.

We believe that everyone should take responsibility for stray and feral cats/kittens. As we are not a rescue, we cannot take them in; however, we offer support to the public and help them to solve their problem either by organising a TNR project, facilitating the reunion of lost cats with their owners or helping with adoption of socialised kittens and friendly strays via our “private rehoming” section.  Our information and FAQ sections will give you advice as to what to do when encountering a stray/feral cat or kitten.  We are always happy to answer further questions, visit our “Contact Us” section to see how.

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